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Annual Bowhunting.Net Mega Bowhunt

The 6th Bowhunting.Net Bowhunt

Now At Big Johnson Outfitters

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Wanna Hunt With Us In 2011?


It’s BIGGER and BETTER Than Ever.


So, How Is It Bigger and Better?

We’re bowhunting on 65,000 acres with Big Johnson Outfiters in West Texas. And you can bowhunt for MORE than ever before;

  1. Texas Pronghorn Antelope
  2. Whitetail Bucks: Cull Bucks, Management Bucks and true Trophy Class, West Texas Bucks.
  3. Texas Aoudad – Free ranging and as wild and wairy as it gets.
  4. Whitetail Doe
  5. Texas Rio Grande Wild Turkey
  6. Wild Hogs
  7. Exotic Rams

Our Annual Bowhunts are known for their relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with exceptional hunt success and 2011 will be the same.

Sky Watkins and the Big Johnson Outfitters crew have 65,000 acres of Texas’s best, open range hunting for you to experience and enjoy.

The only way it can be better is if you are there too.

October 05 (Wednesday) to October 12 (Wednesday).
Come any number of days for $250 a day (includes meals, lodging, one doe and a wild hog per day of your hunt). Free ranging Aoudads and Exotic Rams are on the ranch for an additional cost. And if you take a whitetail buck or an Antelope or Wild Turkey there is an additional fee.

Near Snyder, Texas (off i-20) with Big Johnson Outfitters on 65,000 acres of low fence, open range land with native herds of Antelope, Whitetail, Wild Turkeys, Aoudad and Wild Hogs.

LODGING (Included):
Stay in a plush, historic two story ranch house built in 1910 by Texas rancher Billy Johnson. Enjoy quality southern food and BBQ.

We are limited as to how many bowhunters we can have, so if you want more information, or to sign up, contact Sky Watkins right away at or Phone or Text Sky at 903-388-5218.

West Texas Pronghorn Antelope Buck on the Big Johnson Outfitters property.

West Texas Pronghorn Antelope Buck on the Big Johnson Outfitters property.

Texas Feral Wild Hogs on Big Johnson Outfitters property.

Texas Muflan Ram

Cull Buck - 7-point

Management Buck - 8-point

Management Buck - 8-point

Trophy Buck - 10 Point


Share Your Comments or Opinion Below, Thanks
  • Sky Watkins

    Thanks Robert! We are going to have a blast on this hunt and can’t wait to see all the new faces. You guys come on out and experience some of the finest free range hunting in Texas!

  • Rick Philippi

    Count me in Robert, this sounds like a blast

  • Sky Watkins

    Awesome. Thanks Rick. We look forward to having you. Hopefully you can talk some buddies into coming with.

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  • Ricky Burnett

    Hey Robert !! Sure glad to see yall are still doing this hunt. I have missed getting to hunt with you and Mr Roy and the gang. I will call you to get add. info. on this hunt . I would like to be there if you have any openings left. Take care my friend and if you talk to Billy Don tell him i said hello.

    Keep Shooting Straight,


  • Eric Phillips

    What ever happened with this hunt. I was looking forward to seeing the updates??? Did I miss this hunt? THanks

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