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Scouting For BHN Annual Bowhunt Annual Bowhunt

2011 Annual Bowhunt at Big Johnson Outfitters

Many Thanks to the Scouting For Deer 2011 Sponsors: ThermaCELL, Alpine Archery,  SpyPoint Game Cameras and Victory Arrows.

IN PROGRESS: See The Latest Pics From Big Johnson Outfitters, the headquarters for the 6th Annual Bowhunting.Net Mega Bowhunt
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Tuesday I met Sky Watkins at Big Johnson Outfitters near Snyder, Texas. Sky had just brought in all the game camera photo disks from stand sites on the ranch. Wednesday Sky, Colter Bedell and myself visited all the stand areas so I could be sure they were set up for bowhunters. I expected to make a bunch of suggestions, however both Sky and Colter are bowhunters and I did more listening than suggesting.

Plus I wanted to bowhunt hogs in the afternoon.

At noon the ranch owners John Hamlett and David Krauskopf met us in Snyder and we all had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Then Sky, Colten and myself returned to the ranch to continue checking the setups. As we drove around we saw several deer, both bucks and does, as well as wild turkeys. Actually, I was surprised about seeing anything — the temperature was 104 degrees and sweltering hot. We did not see any wild hogs when we drove around … but that was gonna change later on when I hunted.

Back at the ranch I went over hundreds of recent pictures of wild hogs, bucks in velvet, wild turkeys, antelope, wild hogs; plus pics from bucks from 2010. First I’ll put up some pics of wild hogs (off the game cameras) at Big Johnson Outfitters.

A doe watches a wild hog boar from a safe distance.

Here are the most recent Game Camera pics of wild hogs.

The 6th Bowhunting.Net Bowhunt
Now At Big Johnson Outfitters

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COMING: See The Latest Pics From Big Johnson Outfitters:
Whitetail Bucks | Antelope | Wild Hogs | Wild Turkey | Aoudads | Exotics |

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