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Evolved Habitats has developed a new attractant deer can not resist, Roasted Corn Freaks. Nutrition and game management is vital for successful hunters and landowners. Delivering products that provide superior nutrition while maintaining a taste that keeps them coming back for more is crucial, and Evolved Habitats has it figured out with their new Roasted Corn Freaks.

You’ve never experienced the true power of corn until you’ve poured out a bag of Roasted Corn Freaks. Everyone knows that corn is a widely used deer attractant, but what most don’t realize is that plain corn is WEAK when it comes to supplying nutrition especially during fall and winter months. Roasted Corn Freaks is real whole kernel corn, ROASTED in a specialized heat process and enhanced with soybeans and other proprietary ingredients, into an ultra concentrated power powder. Each 5lb bag of Roasted Corn Freaks is infused with a more intense aroma and packed with TWICE the protein and 3 TIMES the fat of ordinary shelled corn! Corn alone is a simple source of energy for deer in the fall, but what sets Roasted Corn Freaks apart is the irresistible one-of-a-kind taste and aroma of fresh, real, roasted whole corn that draws the FREAKS you’ve been searching for right into your hunting area.

Easy to use, and a perfect supplement and attractant to be used in feeders, troughs or at ground sites, deer can’t resist the aroma, flavor and attraction of Roasted Corn Freaks!

About Evolved Habitats: Evolved has grown to more than 40 different products over the years and continues to set the standard with innovative new products. Evolved products are dedicated to enhancing the overall experience of the outdoor enthusiast and with the help and support of their loyal customers; their ability to research and create innovative products continues to expand. If you are looking to attract, supplement and hold deer, Evolved has the products for you.

For more information on Evolved Habitats and to view the complete line of products please visit www.evolved.com or call 225-638-4094.

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