Bowhunting For Alligator 2006


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Alligator Bowhunts and on the spot pictures -- by Robert Hoague

2006 Bowhunt For Florida Alligator

When the phone rand and and David Mills asked me if I wanted to bowhunt alligator in Florida I thought about all the work I had on the burner and respectfully declined. The instant I hung up I realized I was making a mistake and I called him right back. Based on past experience the work would still be there when I got back.
The end result was that myself and Kevin Sullivan of Innerloc Broadheads made arrangements to meet David Mills in south Florida and test out Innerloc's new Gator Grapple points and various Innerloc Bowfishing Arrows. 

The Gator Hunt Begins 

Day 1 - Gator Trappers Mike Edwards, Brad Gibson & David Mills with Innerloc Broadhead's Kevin Sullivan on the Airboat. We are ready for our first Gator hunt. GO...

Racing For Gators 

Unbelievably the alligator held his ground, only 6 feet from the airboat. Although I've never hunted them I lived in Florida for years and had seen gators before. But never one like this. GO...

Fighting Gator

My bow in the left hand and camera in the right I looked for the gator. Something yellow, in the light caught my attention. Was it a Gator's eye? I didn't know. Then the yellow image blinked. Go...

Fighting Gator, Contd...

It was difficult to tell if we had the gator or he had us. GO...

Now What?

The gator is over there. We are here. Now what do we do? GO...

What Does That Gater Look Like?

The fight is over. GO...

Day 2 - Is That A Gator Over There?

Yep, it sure is, and you can see it in this picture. Day 2 of our gator hunt is Cadillac Style. GO...

The Fight Is On ...

The gator popped up out of the water, his jaws smashing together, in hopes of crushing David's arm. The fight was on. GO...

Day 3 - Lets Scout The Lake, First

Damon Sharp took Kevin and I out on the lake two hours before sunset so we could scout for alligators. We saw 37. And then we went gator hunting. GO...

Day 3 - Hunting Hard ...

When we pulled away from the boat ramp 8 sets of alligator eyes lit up in our spotlight. GO...

What Can't Happen, Happens

David made the airboat slowly circle the gator and that made it move a couple of yards. Now I could see it better and drew. GO...

Last Gator Hunt

Day #3 of our alligator hunting adventure comes to an early morning end. GO...

We are bowhunting alligators with David Mills of Zolfo Springs, Florida in south Central Florida's big alligator country and the Osceola wild turkey.

To contact David Mills about Alligator hunts, phone 1-863-990-9087.

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