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Wild Hog Bowhunting
A Bowhunt In Progress, by Robert Hoague
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Bowhunting For Wild Hogs
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2007 - A Wild Hog Bowhunt In Progress
This year we've had three months of rain. And the hogs are back.

With wild turkey season over there is nothing to hunt, right. Not right. It is time to hit the thick places and wet spots ... for wild hogs.

zJuly 22 - Search For The Tiger Hog
I didn't have time to wash my boots and I was out of scent spray so I cut into the woods along the Hammer Hole road on the opposite side from where the Tiger Hog had been to keep my ground scent out of his way. At 8:30 nothing had happened but that was getting ready to change.

Soft hog grunts sounded from the woods to my right front. They were traveling towards my neighbor and never slowed down or got close enough for me to see them. Minutes later I heard faint steps behind me on the closest trail. Then different steps came around behind me and I saw a large black boar walk into my perifial vision. It stopped where I had walked to the tripod. Then it woofed and retreated and the other hog grunted and growled immediately, and deep and loud. They didn't make another sound.

Daylight was fading and I wanted to leave but I waited a few minutes more in case the hogs were still around. More hog sounds came from across the road and they came out of the woods on a trail 20 yards away and soon hit my scent trail. Bingo, they left. Two more groups came through and they spooked but stayed closeby in the brush around me for quite a while, grunting and walking around.

Once things got quiet again I counted to 100 and slowly stood up to get ready leave. That instigated an ear shattering grunt a few steps behind my tripod. The hog crashed around in the nearby brush, growling loudly.

I had just bought one of those green lights that you put on your cap's brim and I fumbled around in my pocket until I found it. Some great light this was, I couldn't even see the ground, only the close limbs. There was no hiding the fact that I was here from this hog so I got my Tree Apron and threw it at the sound of it walking underneath me. It ran, stopped and growled, and ran again.I lowered my bow, climbed down, recovered my Tree Apron, and walked to my truck in the dark. My truck's clock read 10:03.

As I write this my snake boots are in the washing machine.

The Tiger Hog

I heard a faint noise. Then a new and totally unique wild boar walked up underneath me, and... GO...

Hog Hunt - Sweetwater Creek Ranch
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Hunt 3 - Last Day
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Hunt 2 - A Large Boar

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Hunt 1 - They're Coming...

Rick Philippi and I set up in some Black Locust trees and it didn't take long for hogs to show up. GO...

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Wild Hog Bowhunt With Billy Don

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June 13 - Big Hogs 
The water at the Point dried up. But a group with half a dozen very big sized hogs came into the area but 35 yards was as close as they got.

June 10 - Eye To Eye

If I could beat the hogs to the fence crossing I might get a shot. GO...

June 9 - Hunting The Point 
It's been raining and my watering hole has water again. I settled in my treestand at 6:45. A deer I never saw snorted me from down wind. So I have scent on my clothes or boots, I need to Scent Killer wash it all. I considered leaving right then but didn't. No hogs were heard or seen. Some hornets kept bothering me -- that always keeps you alert. 

June 8 - Two Cool Pics From The Hole
I got to the Hammer Hole early and sat in the tripod on the south side of the woods road. Things were quiet until about 8:30 when I heard a single, faint grunt in the woods. I thought it was in front of me but it wasn't. A slight noise underneath me made me look down. Some small piglets were passing by. I normally have my camera around my neck but this time I hung it on a peg. I got the camera in a hurry and managed to get a pic of some of the piglets.

Woops! A loud, deep grunt sounded off close behind me. The piglets stopped and the unseen hog made an extended grunt. The little pigs darted back and stopped exactly underneath my tripod. And I should not have done it ... but I couldn't help myself. 

I pointed the camera at two of the piglets and took a picture. The cool thing about this picture is you can see the stripes on both the black and brown piglet. And while it was cool to get this picture, what happened next was not.

Still unseen, the grunter growled big time closet behind me and the young pigs raced across the road and kept on going. I had already moved enough and sat frozen, listening to the grunters foot steps as it walked to the small clearing a few yards from me. Silence set in. I never saw the grunter. 

I'm gonna fix this so the hogs won't get this close again. I'll pull some dead limbs and brush in to block the trail and cut the hogs off so they have to go around me instead of under me.

June 7 - Hanging On

Standing a few steps away was a mud covered boar with long, bristly hair on its back. GO...

Fighting In The Water

The big hog pushed his big body under the fence and lunged into the fight. I took one pic and swapped my Sony for the BowTech. GO...

Tuesday - Rained out
Nice day, until late afternoon. It clouded up and rained. Thunder and lightening cranked up and I don't hunt with lightening around.

Monday - Hogs at the Point
Today I didn't go out until almost 6:30pm. As the sun dipped into the tree line to the west several young wild hogs passed me 10 yards to my right. Loud grunts sounded behind them and I picked up 3 separate black adult hogs. The adults went through the fence some place I couldn't see and spread out in the trees.  I got a picture of the closest adult and swapped the Sony for the BowTech. 

The young hogs were 3 different sizes, small, not so small, and almost grown. They stopped in front of me by the fence 11 yards away. One of the adult hogs, a sow, came to the fence and shoved its head and shoulders under the wire. Instantly one of the "almost grown" hogs lunged forward and bit it right in the face. 

The sow squealed and growled and stalked menacingly back and forth along the fence growling as the young pigs watched. Two of the adults gave me good shot opportunities but I held out because I heard another hog behind me and I wanted to see it too. One of the adults walked away in the direction they were originally going and all the hogs followed. I waited until almost dark and never saw the last hog. 

The hog hunting is getting interesting,

Sunday at the Hammer Hole
At 5:30 I was on the way to my tripod stand at the Hammer Hold waiting to see if wild hogs would come through the area.

The woods was quiet until the last half hour of daylight. A group of hogs walked past me 20 yards into the brush and trees. They crossed the trails I was watching and kept on going.

Scouting For Hogs, by Accident
Saturday I went to pick up the Double Bull blind I have at the Point. About 40 yards from the Point the road turns just enough that you can't see the area. When I cleared the curve I saw about 20 young hogs rooting in the muddy road ahead. A couple looked up and when they saw my truck coming they ran into the trees.

Figuring they were all going to run anyway, I kept driving. A few of them rooted until I was almost to them. When they ran I saw a huge black hog to my right. It made a quick but impressive, wide butt, exit. I picked up the blind and checked the treestand at the Point. It was ok. I will definitely be back.

HUNT 1 - The Hammer Hole
Over the years the Hammer Hole area has produced plenty of wild hog action. I cruised back there, hid my truck in some cedars and walked 150 yards to one of my two tripod stands overlooking the Hammer Hole trail crossings. There were plenty of hog tracks in those trails. It was a pleasant afternoon.

That's my Guardian bow up above, hanging on a peg, and ready to go at any second. But today nothing "go" happened. That's ok, all those tracks say hogs are in the area. They will be back around, and so will I.

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Wild Hogs are always a challenge. They bed down in blow downs, brush piles, caves, thick brush and other places where they are hidden from view. They stick tight, too, many a hunter has walked right by them without a clue that a hog or hogs were nearby. If they do spook and run they can cover ground nearly as fast as a deer. And of course, if they decide to charge or fight, they are equipped to do plenty of damage.

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Wild Hog Bowhunt At the Texas-S Bowhunting Ranch
Hog With An Attitude
Water and mud flew everywhere as the red boar came out of the mud. He stopped. He looked for me ... and saw me. Right then, it was clear to me that he wasn't going to run this time. Everything went into slow motion -- things started happening one frame at a time. I already had an arrow out. Fifteen yards behind me I heard Merle say, "God, he's going to charge." Go

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