The Digital Logs Of Bowhunts In Progress - by Robert Hoague
 For October 2000

| Today's Whitetail Bowhunt

Friday-Sunday Oct 27-29, Deerhunt 2000 in Progress
Several of us bowhunted, the Duck, John & Bryant Askew and Robbie Cramer. It rained off and on during the weekend. Everyone saw a few deer. No shots were taken.

Thursday Oct 26, Deerhunt 2000 in Progress
I went to the December Tree area, it's a magic spot and  is historically a core-rutting hub for the deer. One small scrape was under the December Tree. In 10-12 days this scrape should be 5 feet long and there will be scrapes all around here. I saw two does at a distance.

Thursday, Oct 26, Deerhunt 2000 in Progress
I went to the December Tree area, it's a magic spot and  is historically a core-rutting hub for the deer. One small scrape was under the December Tree. In 10-12 days this scrape should be 5 feet long and there will be scrapes all around here. I saw two does at a distance.

Day #1 - #3  at The Venado Loco's Bowhunt: 
The Dog Cactus Buck And The Duck.
I had cell phone problems as soon as we got here and couldn't get updated. Sunday I went into Del Rio but everything except Wal Mart was closed. But I managed to find the cable I needed to get back on track. Two bowhunters from Michigan, Tracker and Dennis Frantz, and GeneInNC from North Carolina joined us and we have a liftoff on the hunt. Five of us saw 38 deer, 20 of which were bucks. And the Duck met the Dog Cactus Buck. Here is the Venado Loco Deerhunt So Far...

The Duck (Don Beckwith) and I got a late start leaving for Venado Loco's place. We stopped in Llano, TX and ate the town out of mexican food. Further along the wayI phoned with my cell phone to see if we should stay in a motel tonight, because our arrival would be so late, or else come on in. The connection on Venado's end was full of static and he couldn't hear everything I said, but did hear that we were on the way, so he said to come on down and, "knock on the door when you get here." So right now we are in Del Rio and I'm uploading this and some other pages for Bowhunting.Net. We'll be at the ranch in half an hour. Tomrow morning we will set up some blinds and start hunting in the afternoon. The 2000 Venado Loco Bowhunt.

Friday, Day #14, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Afternoon hunt) I took my new sony digital camera to the Mound stand to see if the deer are still hanging out by my food plot. They are ... real good. Here are their pictures and what happened today. And here are some more. The Duck showed up today and are getting ready to leave tomorrow.
Thursday, Day #13, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
I didn't get to hunt Wednesday morning, instead I got ready for the Del Rio hunt this Saturday. You know, wash the hunting clothes, find the thermals, make a big pile of everything to take. The Duck will get here this afternoon (Thursday) and we will get in a hunt or two and leave out Friday afternoon. We'll get to Del Rio in time for dinner, eat half the mexican food in town and then go to Venado Loco's ranch.
Wednesday, Day #12, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Afternoon hunt) I hunted the Shoemaker road and saw a doe with two fawns. Most of the time I was covered up with cows, the nemesis of the Texas bowhunter.
Tuesday, Day #11, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Morning hunt) At my food plot this morning a sixer and a spike took turns thrashing the branches of the same little scrub tree. I saw 19 deer, mostly does, a few fawns and young bucks. A good looking new 8-point showed up. His tines were long 10-12 inches at least. He wasn't that wide, right even with his ears, and he looks to be a 2 1/2 year old. I'm hoping I can put 4 years on him and he will be a monster. We both got nothing but time. 
(Afternoon hunt) I hunted one of Robbie's strip stands. I did something I almost never do. I spooked the heck out of a deer. I saw some deer parts moving about 20 yards to my left and slowly turned in my treestand's seat to see it better. But another deer had gotten in right under me and picked me up. It started stomping loudly and walking around stiff legged. I didn't look at it, I didn't want to make things worse and move any more. It never snorted, just walked around stomping. Then it walked off. Later on a spike slipped through the area. This is a new stand and it had another name but I'm remaining it the "Monkey Tree". You gotta be half monkey to get up this tree. And whole monkey to get yourself outta it in the near dark.
Monday, Day #11, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
Afternoon hunt) Doug W took his young son with him and saw 3 does. When Doug drew to shoot a doe the young dude covered his ears. The doe saw him and spooked. I hunted the Point and one spike walked by and popped through the hole in the fence.
(Morning hunt, 9:02am) The temp was in the mid 30's when I went out this morning and it's 38 now. The wind just won't quit so it is breezy and chilly. I hunted my Alex's Road stand and saw a forky, a spike and a lone doe. The forky and spike sparred with each other numerous times. They're learning how to be bucks. Today I wore  enough clothes and was ok with the cold wind. Doug W came down for the day and he saw 7 doe, 3 spikes and an 8-point that was "way outside it's ears".
Sunday, Day #9, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Afternoon hunt) With the thermometer still showing 42 I badly underestimated the amount of clothing to wear this afternoon and got downright cold. The gusting wind was frigid and well below any 42. I hunted my tripod in Buck Alley and saw a fawn that came by bleating, a forky buck, a doe, and 2 does and 2 fawns. When I drove into my yard there were about 20 deer in my food plot. They didn't even run off when I got out of the truck and went in the house.
(Morning hunt) We hunted my place and JimboTX saw a doe with a fawn. I saw a spike, the 3-point and a doe. The weather is overcast and the temperature is holding at 42, but the wind is gusting hard and the wind chill is right at freezing. After lunch JimboTX went home.
Saturday, Day #8, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Afternoon hunt) The wind was still blowing steadily. JimboTX hunted the 3rd Fence stand and saw one doe. I was 200 yards away at the Mound and saw a couple dozen does and fawns in my food plot. I also saw a 3-point and a buck with larger antlers that I couldn't get a good look at because he was traveling through the brush. At the Red Barn (for dinner) I talked to Gary Weber and he saw 2 big 9 points and an even larger 10 point. Right now it is 42 degrees. I'm optimistic about the morning hunt. It will be cool and the bucks should be moving.
(Morning hunt) JimboTX hunted the Mound. He saw a handful of does and a spike buck walked up under his tree. The wind was steady and strong ... and cold. The temperature dropped into the mid 40's and it's still falling. I didn't see a deer. But when the wind lays they'll be moving.
Friday, Day #7, A Whitetail Bowhunt In Progress 
(Afternoon hunt) The Duck went home to hang out with the lovely Mrs. Duck. JimboTX came down at noon to hunt this weekend and he hunted the Mound stand and saw 7 does. 4 fawns, a sixer and a forky. I hunted the 3rd Wire and saw  several  does and a young 8-point. The afternoon was overcast and 60 degrees with a gusty wind out of the NW. It is 10:00pm right now and the temperature is 59 and the wind is still.  :-)
(Morning hunt) This morning I hunted the Mound stand on my place. When daylight came so did the wind. And the temperature dropped immediately. I hope that means the weather is changing and getting a little cooler. One doe passed close to the stand and I saw a couple of unidentified deer at a distance. My food plot took only 4 days to come up and I checked it this morning. It's off to a good start as you can see here. Also this is a close-up of what is growing.
The Duck does It Again (see Day 5)
Donald Duck (Don Beckwith) bowhunted at the Mudslide Buck stand and saw 6 different bucks before this "bus" doe walked up. 

Wednesday, Day #5 of the 2000 deer season
(Morning Hunt) It's getting hot, in the high 80's and 90's, but the deer movement is still pretty good. Don, Rick, John, Doug and I collectively saw 35 deer this morning. 
(Afternoon Hunt) I bowhunted the Coyote stand. A spike buck came by first. Then another spike. Two does and a fawn followed. Here's a pic of the doe about to walk into my shooting window. Rick and Doug went home after the hunt. I didn't shoot ... today.

John Askew saw a spike buck, a doe with two spotted fawns and 3 other does. 

Donald Duck (Don Beckwith) bowhunted at the Mudslide Buck stand and saw 6 different bucks before this "bus" doe walked up. This big, old doe has been his nemesis for years, it is extra alert and overly cautious. Don watched it work it's way through the trees along the river's edge and turn on the trail that he hunts. The doe was typically suspicious and jumpy. The Duck waited and when the big doe walked into one of his shooting lanes, broadside, Don's arrow was on it's way. The doe turned into it's back trail and bounded 30 yards and dropped in it's tracks. Don got down and got his 4-wheeler and cinched the heavy doe on the back.

Donald Duck (Don Beckwith) and his first deer of the season.

Tuesday, Day #4 of the 2000 deer season
(Afternoon Hunt) I hunted at my place on a stand where I can see the food plot. I saw 15 deer, mostly does and fawns but also 3 young bucks. One thing surprised me, there is more browse than I had thought because the deer are eating under the trees and nibbling a variety of weeds. My tree is on the money, most of the deer passed through my area. See if you think they get close enough to me: here is a young buck and here is a doe that I saw today.

The Duck, Rick Philippi and Doug all saw several deer but no one shot.

John Askew hunted his tripod stand on the trail to the Middle Pond. When a lone bus doe walked by he aimed for the vitals and released. The shot looked perfect and the doe bounded away.  Half an hour later it was starting to get dark so John got down. Even in the dwindling light he found a little blood and his arrow. He came back to camp and we all decided to wait a little longer and drove into town and ate at the Red Barn. Afterward we collected out flashlights and took up the trail. The doe ran through dried grass and weeds and it was slow tracking. Before long we came to an area where there were a lot of rocks and the blood was easier to find. 

Rick looked around at the rocks and said to me, "You know where its headed don't you!" I replied, "yea."

Rick and I walked to the nearby drop-off and split up 40 yards apart and started downhill. Over the years a lot of deer have run to exactly this location and expired. My flashlight picked up the doe laying on the ground. John's hit was a double lunger. 

John Askew with his first doe of the 2000 bow season.
Day #2 (Afternoon Hunt) of the 2000 deer season
You saw this young man's smiling face on the logs for Saturday's hunt, here is 15 year old Bryant Askew again -- with his second doe of the 2000 bow season.

Sunday, Oct 1, Day #2 of the 2000 deer season
(Afternoon Hunt) I hunted the Pocket. A month ago they built a new fence through the area and bulldozed down a bunch of trees and piled them smack in the middle of the area I hunt. The Pocket is one of my very best stand sites. I didn't see any deer there this afternoon. No wonder, the deer can't get through anymore. I've got some scouting to do to find their new route.

The Duck and John Askew each saw a few does. Robbie didn't hunt but Dusty did and he saw a six point. 

Bryant Askew hunted a tripod John and I put near the Middle Pond. Two fawns watered and walked by him. A spike buck passed by on the way to the pond. Then Bryant saw a large doe walking up the trail he overlooks. When the doe was in the clear he drew, aimed and shot. The doe bounded away. He watched the doe and made note of the last place he saw it. that was a good move because it paid off later. He looked but could not find a blood trail.

After Bryant told us what happened we all grabbed our flashlights and went to the Middle Pond. The Duck and I found the blood trail and started following it. Bryant and John went to the last place Bryant had seen the deer. John walked to a nearby clump of cedars and pushed his way inside the trees. His flashlight beam lit up the doe.

This is Bryant Askew with his 2nd doe of the 2000 season. And here is Bryant with his family: Emily, Bryant, John and Linda.
If you've followed my hunting logs during any of the last 5 deer seasons and numerous wild hog bowhunts you're familiar with my hunting bud Robbie Cramer. Robbie tagged a fat doe on opening day and did some sharp shooting on the morning of day #2 when this buck walked by his treestand.

(Sunday, Oct 1, Day #2 of the 2000 deer season)
(11:15am Morning Hunt) I saw several bucks from the 3rd wire stand and went back to the house at 10:00. Robbie Cramer drove up while I was taking off my boots. He had that look on his face, I put my boots back on and made sure I had marking tape and a knife.

Robbie hunted the Coyote stand. Several does passed by him at different times. A high racked buck caught Robbie's attention as it moved along the fence line on the adjacent property. The buck jumped the fence and Robbie lost track of it in the brush. He waited, ready to shoot. The buck walked by from behind and passed close to the tree Robbie was in. It stopped and watched a nearby doe and a fawn, the limbs of the tree were in the way of a shot. The 8-point cut in front of the tree and Robbie drew. The buck hurried ahead a few steps and stopped. Now Robbie had a clear shot through the limbs and he placed his pin on the buck's rib cage. The arrow traveled 6 yards and passed through the buck, burying itself in the ground. The buck ran straight away and disappeared in the thick brush. Robbie heard two loud crashes and then all was silent. In 15 minutes he climbed down and looked at his arrow, it was solid red with bubbles in the blood. He slipped out of the woods and came and got me.

I looked at the arrow and stuffed my marking take in my pocket. I said, "Lets walk through this strip about 100 yards and if we don't find it we'll come back and blood trail it." We split up and walked parallel to the fence. Eighty yards later I spotted the buck.

"I found blood," I said. Robbie cut over to me. "Where?" he asked. "On that deer," I answered and pointed to it. 

Robbie Cramer and his Coyote stand 8-point.

Everyone (the Duck, Rick & Ricky Philippi and Bryant & John Askew) saw deer this morning but no shots were fired. 

Opening Day
This is the smiling face of Bryant Askew, 15, who took his first deer (a big doe) today on opening day Saturday, Sept 30.
(Saturday, Sept 30, Opening Day of deer season)
(10:58 Morning Hunt) The Duck just came in. He sat down and said two words, "Buck city." He hunted Myron's corner and saw 4 bomber bucks and 5 young bucks and 3 does. John Askew saw and 8-point and 2 does with fawns. One fawn laid down nearby. After awhile it went on alert and ran. John saw a coyote coming. He drew. But he couldn't get a shot. The coyote continued on the deer's trail. When Robbie Cramer got to his stand a group of deer ran away. After daylight he saw 6 bucks and 3 does and 3 spotted fawns. Dusty hunted a new stand we call the Cattle guard stand. One doe walked through. Every time he drew the doe looked at him. Rick Philippi just phoned and he and his son Ricky will be down for the afternoon bowhunt. John is driving to Hico and picking up his son Bryant and he'll bowhunt also.
(Afternoon hunt) Bryant Askew, 15, who took his first deer this afternoon (a big doe). He hunted in a tripod near the water hole south of the Point. Bryant had already seen 14 wild turkeys, a doe with a fawn and a forky buck before a "bus" doe came up. He aimed for the vitals and his shot looked good to him. Half an hour later he got down and found a good blood trail that took him to the doe. The shot placement was perfect. Bryant pulled the heavy doe to our main woods road and waited for us to pick him up. 

That's Bryant's pic above and here's another one of him with his dad, John.

Robbie Cramer saw 5 bucks, 3 does and 2 fawns and arrowed a large doe. It ran 40 yards and stopped, lost it's balance and went down. Here is Robbie with his doe. 

Ricky Philippi John Askew and I hunted three different stands in the Back 200. John watched a dozen different young bucks pass through his area. At dusk he saw an albino buck sparing with another buck.  Ricky and I saw zero deer. Rick Philippi saw wild turkeys (one was a bearded hen), several does and one buck.

| Today's Whitetail Bowhunt

Pics of this year's deer the week before season!
Monday Sept 25
A few days ago I panted a small food plot and socked the water to it. It's doing fine and the deer have discovered it. I put it by my corrals where I can see it from my back door so I can take pictures and let you know what's up. Here is a buck that showed up Sunday morning, I call him High-8. If you like the looks of him here's the entire pic in wallpaper format 640 or 800. And here are two different 8-points that let me take their picture this morning. 2 Bucks, 1 Buck & Doe.
(Tuesday, A deer season about to be in progress) 
Yesterday I borrowed a zoom digital camera from Jim Autrey of with the intention of using it to get pictures of the deer that are visiting my food plot area. The deer did not let me down. Eight different bucks and several groups of does bopped right on over at deer thirty. Here are their pictures and some comments.
(Wednesday, more deer pics form today)
This morning and afternoon I put Jim Autrey's camera to good use and captured several bucks and does on film, including a 3 legged buck, as well as other large and small bucks, does and a couple of fawns, one of which caught me red handed. Here are Today's Pictures and Comments. Thanks again to  Jim Autrey of for lending me his Sony zoom lens camera.
(Thursday, Sept 28 A deer season about to be in progress)
Yesterday I described my food plot to my buddy Dickie Wicker and he said, "I'll be over tomorrow morning and help you out with it." I know from nothing about farming and was glad to get any help I could, even though my food plot looked pretty good to me. The next morning I started taking deer pictures and had an interruption ... MORE...
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