Article by Frank Addington, Jr. – March 30, 2008
Edited by Stanley Holtsclaw – April 2, 2017

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Most readers are now familiar with my “Celebrity Interviews” on, and Ted Nugent was one of the first interviews I conducted when these all began after Rich Walton and I had decided to do this a few years ago.

Ted Nugent is outspoken about just about everything but that’s not the only reason for a second interview. I am sure he could easily fill up a book with his knowledge, thoughts and opinions. And most are right on target. However, Ted will appear in an upcoming movie with country superstar Toby Keith. In the movie Ted plays a law officer that has a bow & arrow and isn’t afraid to use it.

Howard Hill did some archery work on the “Robin Hood” movie starring Errol Flynn. The Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance featured Reynolds shooting a Bear recurve. The Dukes of Hazzard also featured archery on their weekly TV show in the 1970’s. I can also remember the buzz about archery that the movie “RAMBO: First Blood II” created. My father was a Hoyt dealer and we sold over 600 Hoyt bows that year. We even hung a Hoyt Rambo in the lobby of the local movie theater along with an Addington’s sign. A few years ago one of the Charlie’s Angels movies featured archery.

It seems that every time Hollywood features one of the stars with a bow and arrow, archery gets a boost. I expect no less from Uncle Ted. As a matter of fact, this could be HUGE for our sport. After all, Ted has a huge following already. So I thought I’d be one of the first to get the word about his new role “from the horses mouth”.

Here we go…

Skunk ‘Ted’ puts the hand of the law on this drug dealer.

FA: Ted, tell me about how this all came about.
Toby and I bonded as Blood Brothers over in Iraq and Afghanistan on the USO tour with our US Military heroes, and subsequently toured the US together and become friends. Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington & I play deputy sheriff’s in Jackson Cnty OK where we are raising hell with drugrunners and bad guys. When we take a Mexican drug czar’s brother prisoner, the drug cartel kidnaps Toby’s girlfriend & we go to war with the gangs in Mexico.

FA: Did you have any previous experience with movies?
I guest starred on the #2 Miami Vice TV show, did cameo’s on various other TV shows and the movie State Park.

A meeting in the middle before the dirt starts flying?

FA: What’s the movie titled and when can we expect it to be released?
‘Beer For My Horses’ in theaters late August 08. Editor Note – now available on DVD at Amazon

A few bumps and cuts and Skunk takes this bad guy off to jail in the new movie ‘Beer For My Horses’ with Country superstar Toby Keith.

FA: What’s your character called?
I’m Skunk Tarver, a longhaired, smartass, defiant, overgunned, rock-n-roll bowhunting deputy sheriff dedicated to bagging bad guys.

FA: Who’s idea was it to have you star in the movie? Who’s idea was the bow & arrow?
Toby wrote the character of Skunk around the real me, therefore the bow & arrow was a gimme.

Skunk, while a hard nosed law dog, shows a tender side and slides a piece of wild game to the bad guy.

FA: Did Hollywood know what to expect when they unleashed Uncle Theo with a bow and arrow on the set?
I share with you the celebration that the more than 100 technical crew and all the cast literally loved the mystical flight of the arrow and many of them spent time with me seeking advice on how they could get into this thrilling sport/discipline.

FA: Did you have anyone else shooting a bow and arrow on the set?
Just me.

FA: Who in the world did they find to be your stunt double?
A fellow Michiganiac professional stunt man named Dan who did a grand job when the jumps, falls and leaps were a bit too much for Ol’ Nuge.

FA: Do you sing or play guitar in the movie?
No but there will be some throttling Nuge rock in the movie

FA: What’s your opinion of Toby Keith?
A great man, a great entertainer and great American, dedicated to become a great bowhunter.

FA: What type of bow do you use in the movie?
I used both my Mattin FireCat and my new Sims DZ32.

Now this is a lady worth taking on the drug cartel for. As Toby hoists the lady, Ted, a confirmed tea totaler hoists a jug of what is obviously ice tea.

FA: What does ole’ Skunk do with his bow and arrow?
I shoot a stuffed donkey during a huge drug bust and zap a few bad guys with arrows, including one very exciting flaming arrow utilizing the same technology I use for my concert stage arrows each night using my signature Gold Tip Zebra Nuge arrows. Editor Note – buy Ted Nugent Arrows at Cabela’s

FA: This promises to be huge for archery. I’d like to thank you for promoting archery Ted, 24/7 wherever you go. Any last words of advice for our readers?
Clearly America is in a culture war facing huge, evil powers dedicated to ban hunting, trapping, guns and other perfect American lifestyles. We all must educate everyone in our lives at church, school, the workplace, social gatherings and everywhere as to the perfection of conservation, hunting, fishing, trapping and self defense. We need to simply initiate the dialog and sincerely express how these self evident truths are imperative for a quality of American life and environmental upgrade. We must not let the antis out speak or out vote us. JOIN THE NRA!

FA: Any new tours/albums coming up? What’s a website where folks can get more information?
At you can see our tour dates for summer 2008 and all the various projects, events and hunts that we have scheduled, as well as the Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild Outdoor Channel schedule. My ‘Love Grenade’ CD came out last fall and we are very proud of it.

FA: Do you think you were picked for this role because of your rock and roll star status, your rugged outdoor persona, your prowess with a bow, your friendship with Toby or a combination of all?
As writers of the script, Toby and Rodney made it quite clear that they enjoyed my musical career and my entertainment style, and that Skunk would add some intense energized fun to the movie. We have hung around together here and there and they like what I stand for and how I stand up for it.

SPECIAL NOTE: Ted also let us know that he had recently filmed a special ‘shot’ with the incredible magician Criss Angel for A&E TV to be aired in early July. Criss has done some amazing things and this one is sure to get the blood pumping. In this shocking event Ted is asked to shoot Criss dead center with an arrow. Criss’ task is to catch the arrow before it goes through his chest. The question is, can he snatch an arrow, shot by Ted before it slides through him? Well, I guess you’ll just have to check it out for yourself and see. Ted seldom misses, Criss is pretty amazing but one has to wonder if he is that fast, that good to pick off an arrow. A&E, early July. Let’s have a bow and arrow turnout fans.