Field Evaluation – ‘E-Z Fletch’ from Arizona Rim Country Products

Article by Keith Dunlap – Feb 11, 2009
Edited by Stanley Holtsclaw – April 3, 2017

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Arizona Rim Country Products claims that the Arizona E-Z Fletch Pro and Carbon E-Z Fletch are the fastest fletching tools on the market today. In fact, they claim that you can fletch a dozen arrows in 30 minutes or less. How is this possible The E-Z Fletch tools allow the application of all three vanes or feathers simultaneously. You can also replace single damaged vanes with these tools, by aligning your existing cock vane or feather with the cock vane arm on the E-Z Fletch. For years I’ve been using a clamp-style fletching tool that fletches one vane or feather at a time, so I was looking forward to putting the E-Z Fletch to the test.

The Arizona E-Z Fletch Pro tool handles aluminum arrows in sizes ranging from 2013 to 2514, and this tool is available in four styles: 4 degree offset; straight (1 degree); 8 degree right helical; and 8 degree left helical. The Carbon E-Z Fletch handles carbon arrows in sizes ranging from the smallest carbon up to a 2018 aluminum arrow, and this tool is available in two styles: straight (1 degree); and 6 degree right helical. Additionally, the fletching arms are interchangeable for converting the tool to any style available. However, the carbon fletching arms and the original fletching arms are not interchangeable. Even so, this feature enables you to use one tool, with multiple arms, to handle any fletching style you prefer.

The E-Z Fletch by Arizona Rim Country Products

– Initial Inspection –

I received an Arizona E-Z Fletch Pro in 4-degree offset, and a Carbon E-Z Fletch in 6-degree right helical style.  Upon initial inspection, both tools were free of defects in material and workmanship.  All parts were in good working condition.  After a thorough review of the instructions included with the package, I was ready to continue my evaluation of the E-Z Fletch tool.

Figure 2: The cock vane is marked by the different colored E-Z Fletch arm

The way the E-Z Fletch works is by applying pressure evenly to all vanes or feathers when the arms are locked in the closed position.  I like to clean the arrow shafts and vanes with denatured alcohol and a clean white rag prior to gluing. First, you place the vanes or feathers into the slots on the arms of the E-Z Fletch while it is in the opened position. The gray arm is used for the cock vane/feather. Next, you run a LIGHT bead of glue along the entire length of the vane/feather. The tendency of some is to use too much glue, which only makes a mess of the tool and the arrow. Next, insert the arrow shaft into the hole at base of the fletching arms. The arms lock into place using a spring loaded mandrel base and a top cap. When both are locked into position, they hold tension evenly on all three fletching arms, while the glued vanes rest securely against the arrow shaft. Wait at least 2 minutes for the glue to dry for vanes, and 5 minutes for feathers.

If you do the math, theoretically you can glue one arrow in 2.5 minutes (0.5 minutes for setup, and 2 minutes for the glue to dry). 12 arrows times 2.5 minutes per arrow equals 30 minutes total time to fletch a dozen arrows with vanes, not bad! I wanted to test this to see if I could actually accomplish this with my E-Z Fletch tool.

Directions and use of the E-Z Fletch are very simple to follow.

– Testing –

I continued my evaluation of the EZ-Fletch tool by fletching 2.0″ VaneTec vanes to a dozen Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 shafts. I used a stopwatch to time my progress. I laid out my Gold Tip shafts, the VaneTec vanes, the Tip Grip adhesive, and the EZ-Fletch. I managed to fletch the dozen XT Hunter shafts in 33 minutes, but I must say I was not hurrying. I am particular about the amount of glue I use, and I don’t like seeing messy excess glue all over the shafts and vanes. That took a little more time than it might for some. Either way, I was impressed with the speed and ease of using the E-Z Fletch tool. There really was no learning curve, and this tool was very simple to use. The vanes were positioned perfectly each time, and the vanes have held up very well during shooting tests for my evaluation of the Gold Tip XT Hunter arrows. The only knock I can see with the E-Z Fletch is that some thicker vanes, like Quik-Spins or Aerovanes, are more difficult to work with in the narrow slots of the fletching arms. Otherwise, the E-Z Fletch gets thumbs up from me.

The vanes press tightly against the arrow shaft when the arms are in the closed position.

Specifications as Tested:

– Conclusion –

I was impressed with the Arizona E-Z Fletch tool. It was extremely easy to use, and it made fast work of fletching a dozen arrows. The price is not too hard on the wallet, and Arizona Rim Country offers several options for various styles of fletchings.

Pros: Quick, simple to use, consistent and repeatable vane positioning.

Cons: Thicker vanes may pose a problem in the narrow fletching arm slots.

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