Our 2009 season has started out stellar and full of action!  My son and I practiced shooting religiously for two months before the season opener.  This year I am shooting the 82nd Airborne from Bowtech and Ricky is shooting the Carnivore by Ross.  Both these bows are fast and exceptionally quiet.  Our land has been under extensive land management practices for the last three years, which means the table has been set for exciting hunting stories.

Ricky went to our ranch a couple of weeks before the season opener to do some limb cutting and tweaking of a couple of our ground blinds.  After the work was finished, he jumped into one of the Double Bull’s and decided to hunt for hogs since there were still two hours of light remaining.  It was getting late when a group of hogs came crashing in.  He selected the largest and sent the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter tipped with the XP Spitfire through its vitals.  The large boar ran off 30 yards and expired but what was ironic is after the arrow zipped through the boar, it spine shot a sow, dropping it in its tracks. Two on one shot!  Now that is what I call hog management.

Opening day of deer season, Ricky went out and hunted a stand we call ‘The City’.  During the morning hunt, he photographed a couple of nice bucks.  He went back to the same stand for the evening hunt.  Nothing happened until right before dark.  Looking off to his right was a huge chocolate antlered buck with 10 points. He estimated the buck at a minimum of 140 scoreable points. It was a shooter!

Good management doesn’t just make for big bucks. It also makes for some good hogs.

Ricky grabbed his Carnivore as the buck was approaching and now at only 15 yards he waited for the buck to turn broadside. All of a sudden the buck’s ears popped up to alert status.  Lo and behold, a group of 30 hogs came crashing through the brush to Ricky’s location.  The buck was gone and Ricky’s heart sank.  Now, there were 30 hogs within arms reach of the Double Bull he occupied. Going to full draw, he singled out a large boar at THREE yards.  He sent the Spitfire through its vitals.  Ricky picked out a second hog and sent the Carbon Express arrow through its vitals.  To top it off, the group of hogs still hung around and he nocked a third arrow and the Carnivore and sent the third arrow tipped dead on.  Ricky had killed three hogs within a minute. .

Colby and his trophy. Proof again that smart use of land and feed can have great results.

What is so cool about our property is the hard work we have put in trying to enhance the land and create a haven where wildlife are plentiful and have the opportunity to reach their full-fledged potential.  Over the years we have fed Record Rack and Heartland Wildlife Institute products religiously and it has paid tremendous dividends.  We have deer, turkey, and hogs in abundance.  Two weeks ago my hunting buddy Colby Ward shot an 11 pointer that was aged at 6.5 years old.   What a fantastic deer and a valid testimonial to what proper land management can do.

The Double Bull worked well as set up and camouflaged.

Last week Ricky and I went to the ranch to get a couple of days of hardcore whitetail hunting in.  The rut was about ready to break loose.  We headed out for an evening hunt.  Ricky parked the Bad Boy Buggie and he headed to The City blind which is a Double Bull Matrix encompassed by Camo Flex leaves (check out the camo flex web site below, this product is deadly) and I went to The Woods stand.

An hour had gone by when I got a text from Ricky.  The text read “Dad I just got a big one”.  I texted back and told him I was on the way.  When I got there, Ricky was standing over a fantastic Pope and Young buck.  To say he was excited was an understatement.  This was his first buck with a bow.  He and I figured he has passed up 75 bucks over the last 3 years.  I know that may sound crazy but he always wanted his first bow killed buck to something special. As I have always said, the trophy is in the eyes of the beholder.

Ricky waited a long time to drop a buck this nice.

WHAT A GREAT FATHER-SON MOMENT.  I congratulated Ricky and told him I was sincerely happy on his first bow killed buck. Then Ricky said something that evening as we stood over the deer that I will never forget.  He said “Dad thanks for everything you have done for me over the years and thanks for buying this ranch and taking the time to manage it so we have the opportunity to hunt quality deer.  I told him “you are welcome” then I had to turn my head because I did not want him to see the tears in my eyes.

Safe Hunting,

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