When one thinks of crossbows Barnett comes quickly to mind. The reason is simple. The company founded by Englishman Bernard Barnett, since his first model, has personified the drive for perfection in this ancient sporting arm. Barnett means crossbows and they have succeeded in moving the crossbow into the 21st Century with a flair. A Barnett Crossbow is a blending of tradition, forward looking design, comfort, dependability and performance. It’s only this drive would lead to the incredible PREDATOR AVI™. (For more go to: Barnett Outdoors)

There are many things that impress the shooter about the PREDATOR AVI. Raw performance is one that stands out. It is the first patented crossbow of its kind with an innovative design that offers a shoot through foot stirrup. This design increases the power stroke to an amazing 16″ with a 175 pound draw weight that develops 133 foot lbs of power with arrow speeds up to 375 feet per second. But there is more. The PREDATOR comes with a rugged, light weight magnesium riser, pistol type grip and adjustable stock and cheek piece for a more comfortable, custom shooing experience. The PREDATOR also features Barnett’s new AVI limb system combined with re-designed, high-velocity cam and cable system.

The PREDATOR weighs a light 8 lbs, is 37″ long, 22.38″ wide and features a 38 1/2″ string. The PREDATOR is available with Quick Detach Quiver and four 22″ Arrows or as a complete package with Crossbow, Rope Cocking Device, Quick Detach Quiver and four 22″ Arrows and choice of either Premium Red Dot Scope or 4×32 Multi Reticle Scope.

Barnett, once again showing why they are the number one selling crossbow in the world.
For more go to: Barnett Outdoors