For 2010 BowTech is offering one smooth shooting bow that I feel is in a class all by itself.  The Soldier, which continues with the Military naming scheme, is a value priced bow sharing many of the features of their high end bows.

Removing the bow from the package reveals the InVelvet process which is done at BowTech’s own dipping facility.  The InVelvet finish is soft to the touch but goes well beyond in performance aiding features.  Most notably InVelvet helps in dampening noise by adding an insulating barrier.  This barrier also protects the bow from everyday scratches that come from a rough day in the field.  The over coating finish is also immune to damage caused by insect repellents and odor eliminating sprays.  The dipping process is near perfection without blemishes or bubbles. (For more go to: BowTech Archery)

The one of a kind rotating modular cam system is unique in that it allows for six inches of draw length adjustment.  Unlike other bows, the Soldier does not require a new module when changing draw length.  Two screws within each cam, when removed, allow you to adjust the rotating module to your desired draw length.  Markings within the cam make it an easy operation.  The draw length and 80 percent let-off allow for a large tuning range enabling a customized feel for any shooter.

Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module, and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite draw stop feature is available on most BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning.

This bow is a great choice for young shooters.  If you have a young archer either just starting out or experienced, this bow has the capability of growing with them through a number of years.  As mentioned above, not only is the draw length adjustable but draw weight is also adjustable as well depending on the two weight versions available.  The higher draw weight model, which I am evaluating, can traverse a draw weight range of 40 to 65 pounds.  The lower weight model can achieve a 15 pound range from 25 to 40.

The secret to the high weight range can be attributed to the deep recessed limb bolt design combined with quality 12 inch solid glass limbs.  When united with the cam design, the energy, no matter at what poundage, is efficiently transferred to the arrow.

The Soldier comes complete with a 3 pin Fiber Optic Sight, capture Arrow Rest, four arrow Quiver, Wrist Sling, Peep Sight and Release Aid.  Once assembled and fitted by your local BowTech dealer you will only need arrows to be field ready.  This value priced bow comes in unbelievably at a retail price as low as $399 including accessories.  This is an exceptional price tag for a feature rich and smooth shooting bow.

I am shooting the bow set at the max of 65 pounds and a draw length of 29 inches.  With a speed rating of 308 feet per second at 29 inches combined with a 6 7/8″ draw length I find the bow to be very smooth.  With the 80 percent let-off the draw cycle comes up to weight through the draw length letting off in a very solid wall.  After setting up the bow my first three arrows grouped at just over an inch.  The bow performed well achieving a big thumbs up and it actually seems as though it is shooting faster than advertised.   With a 410 grain arrow I was seeing speeds around 296 fps with only a loop on the string.

Other specs on the bow include a shorter 31 3/8″ axle to axle length.  I look for this bow to be very maneuverable when hunting from a ground blind or tree stand and will find out in a few weeks when I will be hunting from a ground blind during turkey season.

BowTech string stops are made of carbon which is one of the strongest vibration-dampening materials found on the planet. It is positioned directly in line with the stabilizer to effectively transfer vibration from the string to the stabilizer. This optimizes bow balance and dissipates noise and vibration efficiently.

Another nice feature is the inline carbon rod String Stop that is in line with the stabilizer insert on the opposite side of the riser.  This design efficiently transfers vibration from the string to the stabilizer and disperses noise.

In conclusion I believe BowTech has produced another real winner.  I would choose this bow over many in the market as the Soldier not only provides great value while also offering the ability to grow with a young archer.  Based on that and the features I’ve listed, I give it very high marks.

Design 4.5 of 5 – With many features that are found on higher end bows as well as a unique cam system this bow is exceptional, especially for the younger shooter wanting a bow that will grow with him.

Quality 5 of 5 – The lines of the machined riser and the InVelvet finish are flawless, giving it the ultimate score.  The accessories, while not the top of the line, are sufficient for what the bow is intended for which is aimed for value as well as up and coming archers.

Value 5 of 5 – With a retail price under $400 for a quality, feature rich piece of equipment that will grow with a youngster, how can you go wrong?

The Soldier offers Binary™ technology in a value-priced bow. Boasting a draw length range of 22″-29″, and two available peak draw weight versions offering the adjustability of 25 to 65 pounds, the Soldier has the greatest amount of adjustability available in our bow line. A 4-arrow quiver, 3-pin fiber optic sight, capture arrow rest, wrist sling and peep sight completes this new addition.

  • Brace Height    6 7/8″
  • IBO Speed    308 fps @ 29″
  • Axle to Axle    31 3/8″
  • Kinetic Energy    68.43 fpe
  • Draw Length    22″ – 29″
  • Effective Let-Off    80%
  • Draw Weight    40, 65

For more go to: BowTech Archery