Breaking away from the standard plastic vane design and manufacturing technique, GOAT TUFF Products is proud to offer the innovative OPTI-VANE™ for today’s archer. ( For more go to: GOAT TUFF Products)

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith had this to say, “Using the patented Fusion Technology from Norway Industries, OPTI-VANES combine two different proprietary materials into a single vane that optimizes adhesion, durability and arrow flight.  The soft black base material possesses optimum adhesion properties so every vane is not only easier to glue to the arrow shaft but provides a tight, secure bond regardless of impact or weather conditions.”

That black, softer bottom strip helps form to the arrow shaft better. It also takes the glue better then other vane materials and that means they stay on regardless of the conditions.

Smith continued; “The stiffer blade material and high profile tapered design with modified parabolic profile and consistent light weight provides optimum reliability, durability and flight characteristics for the most accurate, dependable shots. This tough material is unaffected by extreme shooting conditions and holds up extremely well when using Shoot-Thru Arrow Rests.”

A wide variety of colors, these are as good looking as they are in performance.

OPTI-VANES come in 6 colors, are 2″ in length, .580″ in height and weigh a consistent 6.5 grains and are available in both 36 and 100 packs.

GOAT TUFF Products also offers a full line of cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker.

For more go to: GOAT TUFF Products