Hang it, wet it, forget it! It’s that simple with the new Mineral Mizer Bag from 3D Buck Bag. Mineral Mizer counts on moisture from the surrounding air and an occasional rain shower to provide a constant fresh drip of nourishing minerals to the surface of the ground where deer can receive maximum antler-growing benefit. (For more go to: Mineral Mizer Bag)

The Mineral Mizer Bag continuously replenishes FRESH minerals to the built-in lick at the bottom of the bag as well as on the ground surface below.  The porous, UV-resistant, high-strength geotextile bag is easily refillable and can withstand years in the outdoor elements under normal conditions. Best of all, the bag makes any mineral last far longer than conventional pour-and-stir methods by allowing a controlled, constant drip that refreshes the ground supply again and again.

MAX-I-MIZER Mineral.


The Mineral Mizer Bag.


The Mineral Mizer Bag:

  • Works continuously lasting much longer than “stirred-in” minerals
  • Keeps minerals on the surface where deer can best utilize them
  • Requires fewer visits to freshen the lick so the area remains free of human scent longer
  • Works over any soil
  • UV-resistant, refillable and lasts for years
  • Hog-proof — it can’t be rooted or rolled away like mineral blocks

MAX-I-MIZER Mineral:

The Mineral Mizer Bag works with any dry granular mineral, but for maximum productivity, fill the Mineral Mizer Bag with MAX-I-MIZER Mineral.

MAX-I-MIZER Mineral is a scientific blend of digestible phosphorus, potassium, calcium and essential minerals that help any deer develop to its full potential. Does also relish MAX-I-MIZER Mineral, which helps them produce strong fawns with a better-than-average chance of developing into healthy full-bodied adults.

Make MAX-I-MIZER Mineral a part of your overall management plan, and you’ll see the results in your scope.

  • Moisture-activated
  • Long-lasting
  • Craved by deer
  • Easy to use
  • Works over any soil

Grow bigger antlers, bigger bodies and bigger targets with MAX-I-MIZER Mineral in a pre-filled Mineral Mizer Bag.

Empty Mineral Mizer bags are available for purchase, as well as refills of original and flavored MAX-I-MIZER Minerals, such as persimmon, berry, acorn and apple.

For more go to: Mineral Mizer Bag