I would not have been able to take this fantastic Pope and Young buck without the Black Gold sight. This bruiser came in that last few minutes of legal shooting light.

There are many good sights in the market place but my pick are the sights made by Black Gold.  Mike Ellig is the President and Founder of Black Gold and a die- hard bowhunter.  He understands what a sight must have to accommodate the needs and requirements of today’s hunters. (For more go to: Montana Black Gold)

After years of hunting, I just could not find a sight that had it all.  Either I could not see the pins at dusk or the pins were flimsy and fragile and were always breaking off.  It seemed like there was always a problem.  Then five years ago, I saw a Black Gold sight and thought it looked like it may have a cure for all the problems I had been enduring for all these years.   I purchased one and right off the bat, what impressed me was the brightness and the clarity of the pins.  It was literally in a complete different league from any other sight that I had ever used.  A fiber optic light is supposed to be seen in hunting conditions when it truly matters, such as early morning and late in the evening when there is not an abundance of light.

Black Gold Flash Point HD Bowsight.

Black Gold came up with the SKY COIL TECHNOLOLGY.  Sight pins should be seen in low light conditions whether it is early morning or late evening. That’s when a sight is truly put to the test.  I can tell you from hunting with a Black Gold for the past five years, their light gathering capacity is on a completely different level. All hunters know that animals move in low light conditions and that it is imperative to see your sight pin to make a good shot.

Another feature that Back Gold sights have is the PHOTOCHROMATIC SHELL.  This adjusts the pins brightness from clear to purple predicated on the accessible light.  In intense sunlight, the shell turns a bright purple, which works like sunglasses blocking the UV light so your pins won’t get to bright enabling you to get a much clearer picture of the pin. In low light, the PhotoChromatic shell self adjusts to clear enabling the maximum light.  The light goes into the SkyCoil which creates much brighter pins, AWESOME.

These 3 hogs were all shot on a late evening hunt thanks to the Black Gold Sight.

Three of the 2010 sights have the INCH WHEEL MICRO ADJUSTMENT.  This feature gives you the ability to  micro-adjust your sight with a simple turn of the inch wheel which represents an adjustment of around an inch at 20 yards.  The benefit of this feature is you can dial your bow into shooting exactly where you are aiming. This eliminates all guess work.

In summary, I have been using Black Gold sights and have found them second to any other sight I have ever used.  Again, their clarity and ability to gather light in low light conditions are the ticket to what bowhunters are looking for in a sight.  That’s why I make this MY PICK.

For more go to: Montana Black Gold

Safe Hunting,