Happy Anniversary Darton Archery!

By: Anne Marlowe

2010 marks the 60th Anniversary of Darton Archery. Leading the industry throughout the years with technical advances far above the competition, Darton keeps making products that impress the archery world and this Pro Series 3500 SD is no exception!

I want a bow that is easy to carry, quiet, fast, powerful and accurate. I am 5’3″ tall and need a bow that is not man sized but one that has the stopping power comparable to that of a larger bow. (For more go to: Darton Archery)

– Darton Pro Series 3500SD. Anne’s bow, ready to shoot.

Right out of the box, I noticed what a stunning, sleek, sexy bow it is to look at with the Realtree Hardwoods Green pattern and burnished bronze cams. Darton prints “Built to Hunt” on their literature, but this bow is unmistakably “Built to kill”

I appreciate how light and comfortable this bow is to handle. The ergonomic slim throat grip (each Pro Series bow comes with a choice of 2 grips) is made to reduce hand torque and is easy for me to hold for longer shooting sessions and at 4.1 lbs mass weight, carrying this bow is not a chore. The carefully considered comfort extends to shooting and the light weight is well balanced without being too light.

After outfitting my new bow with sights a Whisker Biscuit and so forth, I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to shoot it. I walked out of the back door while we were having a barbecue with several bow hunters in attendance. All of them commented on how nice it looked but they wanted to see me shoot it. I got a little nervous at the audience, but took aim and let an arrow fly. What a smooth and fast bow! All the archers in attendance were very impressed and several were more than a bit envious. I fell in love and have been telling everyone about this bow since that moment!

I am able to hold it comfortably as long as I need to get an accurate shot and as fast as it is I have a great time hitting my target. My Darton is exceptionally quiet and has no excess string movement. Each day I practice gets me that much closer to a successful shot on the elk I drew a tag for this fall!

DARTON has included their patented Tuning Mark System on all DualSync bows including the Pro Series 3500SD to assist the individual shooter to achieve optimum performance. By lining up the power cables between the tuning lines on each cam, you can achieve the advertised draw lengths and performance. The cable lengths are adjusted by placing the bow in a press to remove tension from the cables. The cables are then adjusted by twisting to make them shorter, untwisting to make them longer. If they are not lined up or in the same relative position on each cam, you will lose some draw length and stored energy. Be sure the axle to axle measurement is checked after the bow is tuned. The correct axle to axle measurement will assure excellent performance.

Combining Darton’s patented DualSync™ cam technology with the other patented state-of-the-art Darton technologies, the Pro Series 3500SD provides you with an 80% let-off, super smooth draw cycle and a fast, accurate, comfortable delivery of your arrow to the target.

An interesting feature I really like is the patented Bowstring Suppression System. A new level of smoothness and bowstring dampening is achieved with this feature.

The 3500SD is outfitted with an excellent quality Scorpion pre-stretched, pre-twisted bow string featuring zero peep rotation and enhanced performance.

60 year old Darton Archery is a name you can trust for the very best in archery quality and innovation.

Darton Archery Pro Series 3500SD

  • Draw Weights: 40,50,60,70
  • Draw Lengths: 23″to 27″
  • Axle-Axle: 33 13/16″
  • Brace Height: 6″
  • Mass Weight: 4.1 lbs.
  • IBO Speed: 300-305 fps @ 27″ draw
  • Finish – Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Shadow Black or Competition Blue

For the entire line go to: Darton – Built to Hunt™