2010 Precision Shooting Equipment’s X-Force 7 GX compound bow set at 65# and 29 inch draw:  One of PSE’s top-of-the-line bows. I have hunted with the X-Force series of bows for several years. They all shot flawlessly. The X-Force is  PSE’s “speed bow”  It delivers over 350 FPS and shoots a flat enough trajectory for hunting any big game animal and turkeys. I like the smooth draw and positive stop. It’s high let off let’s you hold “forever” letting that big long beard get into the right position.

Montana Black Gold  Flashpoint Solaris HD 5-pin fiber optic sight: Dollar for dollar one of the best built bow sights in America. Montana Black Gold has done everything right when they built this sight. It has a compact, round pin guard, outlined in white. This makes it easy to center with your peep sight. By centering the round pin guard in the round peep and then putting your pin on target, actually improves your accuracy by 10%. I chose this sight for its super bright fiber optic pins. This sight adjust with an Inch Wheel adjustment which gives me the ability to micro-adjust my pins. I was sighted in with only a few adjustments.

PSE Phantom Drop-away rest: I love a capture type rest, especially in a hunting situation. When that big long beard has finally committed and is rushing in, I will not have my arrow fall off the rest. The Phantom rest fully encloses the arrow. This is one problem eliminated. My arrow flight is true. With this drop-away rest there is 100% fletching clearance.

PSE 2-piece Vertex  bow quiver: I used this quiver last year and haven’t found one I like better. Soft foam holds the broadheads quiet. Snap your shaft into the bottom section and you have  vibration free arrows. The arrows remove quickly and quietly.

Loc-A-Peep Whisper Peep peep sight: Unlike a lot of peep sights on the market today, this peep is designed with an aperture that is round at full draw. I center the round pin guard of the Montana Black Gold sight with the round aperture of the Loc-A-Peep and then center my pin. This keeps everything in alignment. The Loc-A-Peep uses a rubber tubing attached to the bow’s cable for consistent  alignment, something I find critical in a hunting situation.

Draves Archery Komfort Kiss kisser button: I only started used a kisser button a couple years  ago. I was having trouble finding a stable anchor point sitting in my blind. I installed the Komfort Kiss peep and found a comfortable anchor point instantly. This peep is soft, comfortable and easy to find. I achieved a fast and consistent anchor point instantly.

Primos Double Bull Dark Horse blind: What can I say about this blind? Double Bull has revolutionized turkey hunting with their blinds. The newest and best blind by Double Bull is the Dark Horse. It is a combination of their T-5 and Matrix blind. The front is fully adjustable for opening and closing on the two front sides. The back two panels have the T-5 windows for instant opening and closing for quick shots behind the blind. It also has the pro-staff slotted windows with cover flap that can be used to peak out the back and keep track of happenings behind the blind. This blind comes with shoot through mesh that can cover the opening in the front. I do not use the mesh. When fully dressed in black and the black interior of the blind, I find I can still move and draw my bow with turkeys only feet away from me. This is a year round blind  that can be used in every season. I have killed deer, bear, wild boar and turkey from this blind.

Primos turkey decoys: The more realistic a decoy looks the better it works. Primos has really spent the time to get their decoys right. I used the Primos Killer B Tom decoy and hen decoys several times to lure turkeys in to bow range. Put the decoys 10 yards in front of blind where you have an easy shot. Put the Killer B and hen face to face less than a foot apart. This drives the birds nuts. Not only does this set up draw in the toms it also draws in the hens who help attract the toms. The Killer B comes with a fake fan that moves from relaxed to full strut with a pull of a cord. You can also attach a real fan to this decoy. I used the fake fan provided to see if it would work. It does.

Carbon Express Arimid-KV Arrows: When I choose my equipment I want the best. I have never found a more consistent arrow than Carbon Express. Why shoot the best bow but not the best arrow? Shot placement is critical especially on a small target like a turkey. I shoot the same arrows I practice with. I practice over and over with my field points and then screw on my broadheads. I sacrifice a few broadheads to make sure they hit the same spot as the field point. If this arrow can hit the bulls-eye  consistently, that is the arrow I take to the field. I don’t save new arrows for hunting. I use the arrows I know shoot spot-on.

Tru-Fire Switchblade mechanical broadheads: By far one of the best flying broadheads on the market. This is the second spring I have used them on wild turkeys. If it works, don’t change. And it does. I like the expand on contact design of the switchblade. It slices through turkey feathers and bone for a quick clean kill. I screwed the broadheads on my field point sighted-in arrows. They hit the same spot. How easy is that?

Leupold RX-1000 TBR rangefinder: A giant in a small package. Leupold has taken rangefinders to a new plateau. Instead of an LED display, this rangefinder uses light diodes. The yardage is displayed in a bright red color. It is easy to see even in bright sunlight. The small compact size fits easily in your pocket. I don’t have to dig my rangefinder out of my pack. I use my rangefinder every day of the turkey hunt. I want to be precise with this small a target. The RX-1000 gives a reading starting around 12 yards.

Trueflight feathers: I am a feather enthusiast. I like their looks. But most of all I like the way they steer my arrows. I know small short vanes are the hottest rage for carbon arrows. They also work fine. Unlike aluminum arrows that flex and bend coming out of your bow, carbon arrows don’t. Hence they don’t need bigger vanes or feathers to straighten them out in flight. But nothing looks better than a new dozen arrows fletched up with real turkey feathers. And my arrows fly perfect.

Tru-Fire release: For this hunt I chose the Tru-Fire 360 Buckle Foldback. The package lists all the good stuff about this release like life time warranty, adjustability  and strength. That goes without saying for all Tru-Fire releases. What I really like is the crispness of the trigger and the ease of use. Pull the trigger back to open the jaws, release and the jaws close on your loop. The head rotates 360 degrees in front of the trigger for a torque free shot. I like the quiet in the field buckle system on the strap.

Roscoby Riser Cam: Want to put some fun in your hunting? Capture your hunt with this riser mounted camera. Screw it in place of your stabilizer. It is simple to operate with a stand-by button and a record button. On some of my hunts this year I used a cameraman. Using the Roscoby Riser Cam gives us another perspective of the hunt. When a cameraman isn’t available you can film the hunt yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video this camera produces. Don’t forget to hold the camera up after your shot!

Blacks Creek Guide Gear bow case: Great quality in a soft case. I love the three outside zippered accessory pockets plus the generous full length arrow pouch. I can easily hold two dozen arrows in this pouch protected in arrow tubes. This case is perfect for in and out of trucks with full bow and arrow protection. www.blacks-creek.com/