While snowstorms can be common in the Northeast, Elite Archery is planning to keep this one around through the summer! For a limited time only, any 2010 Elite Archery bow can be purchased with a Realtree AP Snow Camouflage® pattern.

“This is something we’ve been working on for a while,” says Elite Archery’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Garret Armstrong. “The Realtree® pattern is so unique and eye catching, we just had to put it on a bow. We know it will be popular with those who hunt in the Northern climates, but we also think it will be a very popular pattern for the 3D and Target Circuits. Anyone who sees this pattern on an Elite bow is just blown away.” For more go to: Elite Archery or call 877-503-5483.

A SPRING SNOW STORM – Elite Archery Now in Realtree AP Snow®

Elite Archery knows it’s a combination of the Realtree AP Snow® pattern and decoration style that’s attracting all the attention. “We don’t use the same dipping process that’s so common in this industry. All Elite bows are decorated with the Kolorfusion process. This process has superior detail and durability which leads to a better looking finish,” commented Elite Archery President, Pete Crawford. “There are no stretch marks in the pattern on the bows or accessories and the finish is indestructible.”

Elite Archery is offering its stabilizers and 1 and 2 piece quivers in the snow camouflage as well. The Limited Edition Snow Bows and accessories won’t last for long; Elite Archery dealers will be able to order the bows and accessories from now until August 1st. Once they are gone, they are gone.

For more go to: Elite Archery or call 877-503-5483.