Keefer’s Pick – BowTech Destroyer

I’ve owned various BowTech bows over the past eight years.  Each has had its own characteristics that I favored.  On some I liked the draw cycle, other models had grips which fit better in my hand, or maybe a particular model “just felt good”.  This year BowTech has developed a bow that satisfies all of my quirks and preferences -the Destroyer 350. (For more go to: BowTech Archery)


BowTech advertises that “the Destroyer 350 was not designed as a speed bow…It just happens to be fast – very fast.”  And they certainly were right on with that statement.  Everything about the design of the bow emits speed.  It starts with the 6″ brace height that provides a little extra “oomph” on the speed chart.  But it doesn’t end there.


The “OverDrive Binary” (patent pending) cam system provides cam synchronization and a comfortable draw cycle.  This is one of the things I liked the most.  The draw cycle is dramatically smoother than some of the older models.  Thanks BowTech.

Hardcore Limbs

The laminated carbon core limbs are called “HardCore” (patent pending) for a reason.  The design allows for the core of the limb to do more of the work of storing and quickly releasing energy which translates into speed.

Rotating Mod

Another feature that caught my eye is the Rotating Mod System (patent pending).  No more changing modules to adjust your draw length.  This baby allows for six inches of draw adjustment and there’s no end to the draw stop adjustments that are available.  You can fine tune the draw length and stop to your exact preferences.

Bow manufacturers have long known that stationary, inflexible cable guards contribute to increased tension on bow risers.  Until now cable guards were all pretty much the same, but that has changed with the Destroyer.  It has a FLX-Guard system (patent pending) which as the name implies flexes as the bow is drawn and absorbs torque which would otherwise be transferred to the riser.

Another big improvement, in my opinion, is the quality of the factory bow strings.  It seems a lot of the factory strings on new bows are soft and tend to stretch way too much.  The new BowTech strings are pre-stressed at 450 pounds to minimize further stretch.  That means fewer problems with peeps twisting on you.

All right let’s talk speed.  The Destroyer is indeed fast – very fast.  The birth certificate on my bow indicated an IBO speed of 339 fps at 60 lbs.  I have turned the bow down to only 52 pounds for turkey season.  My short draw (26″) and a 350 grain arrow still yielded speeds of 260 fps.  Once I increase the poundage this fall, I’m sure I’ll be seeing speeds of around 280 fps.  I consider this impressive for my short draw length and the relatively moderate poundage I shoot.

If you have read about any of my stories in the past, you know I’m a bowhunter.  So when I look at hunting bows, I look for quality, feel, and shootability, which is how well I can shoot the bow.  The quality of the Destroyer is evident when you see and heft it.  The limb edges are not covered by camo; you can see the layered construction.  The cams look durable and well designed.    The handle is slim and pleasant to the touch as is the InVelvet covered riser.  It’s soft and offers some insulation from the cold.  Pardon the pun, but the InVelvet finish is a nice touch, I like it.

I was concerned with the 6″ brace height but my concerns were erased when I shot the bow.  My groups were tight and as good as I could shoot with any bow with a higher brace height.

The Destroyer 350 looks to be a real winner.  You can bet I’ll be using it this year on my hunts starting real soon with a turkey hunt in Nebraska.

Factory specs:

For more go to: BowTech Archery

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