While cruising the isles at the main floor of the National Wild Turkey Federation convention this year I was stopped in my tracks and immediately drawn to a booth featuring a new broadhead. Put turkeys and broadheads together and I am there.
I was greeted at the booth by a burley looking young fella who looks like he belongs in the outdoors. Behind that beard and long hair was a gentleman with a passion for bowhunting and pride in a new company he and Terry Hartcraft just put together. This man is Ron Belcik from Fredricksburg, Texas.
I looked over his display of broadheads and was pleasantly surprised that the five heads I was looking at was really one head with five different sets of blades. All five heads use the same ferrel. By changing the blades the head is converted to different uses. Each set of different blades when used with the one designed ferrel makes up five different named broadheads, the Trophy I, Trophy II, Thumper, Lil Thumper and the Lopper.
The Trophy I & II are designed for big game and feature a very unique reversible blade. The Thumper is for small game and body shooting turkeys. The Lil Thumper is a small game head with reversible blades. And finally the Lopper is for turkey head and neck shots.
What is the reversible blade you ask?
Well anyway that is what I asked. The blades are actually sharpened on the ferrel side and the out side. Shoot it and get it dull and insert the dull side into the ferrel and put the fresh factory sharpened blade edge out. How clever is that! It’s like having a complete set of replacement blade at the ready.
Ron gave credit for this unique concept of one ferrel for five different head designs and the concept of reversible blades to his partner Terry. “Terry had the concept, I had it built,” said Ron.
Ron also showed me a product that will let you shoot the Looper with your regular arrows. It is called the X-Tend. It is an arrow extension that will screw into your arrow and add 2 5/8 inches to your arrow length.
Belcik was proud to note the ferrels are made of 416 stainless steel. The heat treated blades are 402 surgical stainless steel .31 thousands thick. I’m not an engineer but I’m sure that all means the heads are strong.
Ron and friends have done quite a bit of field testing on wild boar, deer, exotics and even bison.  Sounds like a tough job but someone has to do it.
At the time I met Belcik prices weren’t finalized. As soon as the heads are up to production I intend to get my order in. I want to try that field testing for myself. Like I said, it a tough job but someone has to do it.
Good luck Ron and Terry with your new company. I like your new concepts and can’t wait to see your next innovation.
Good hunting,
Fred Lutger