One of the highlights of the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention every year is the calling contests. One of the categories I really like is the Friction Calling championship. The winner this year and first time returning champion is Bobby Woods from Dante, VA.

Woods is the now reigning 2010 Wild Turkey Bourbon Grand National Champion. Bobby took 5th in the 2006 contest. He took his first Grand National title in 2007 and followed it up with a win at this years convention. Woods is the only competitor who has won this title twice.

Woods used 3 different Woodhaven friction calls, the Cherry Classic Crystal, the Cluck’n  Purr  and the Kee Disc. All callers performed five calls: Yelp of Excited Hen, Cluck and Purr, Kee-Kee Run, Cutting  and Adult Hen Assembly. The contestants are given a numerical score on each call. The scores of the 5 calls are added together for the contestants final score.

Woods practices his calling 1 to 2 hours a day, every day starting in January after the close of  Virginia’s deer season. Bobby fits time in for practice after working his real life job of Quality Control in a steel fabrication company that builds air compressors. Bobby also enjoys spends quality time with family and hunts turkey and deer with his son.

Woods advice to turkey hunters, “Sit still and have patients. When you get up and move you can push turkeys away from you.” He has observed that 30 % of the turkeys he hunts, come in silent.

I would classify Bobby Woods as the silent type, but when it comes to competitive calling he sounds off loud and clear.  Bobby is also quick to answer any calling questions and is willing to give hands on advice that will help improve your calling technique.  I enjoy talking to Woods and sharing turkey stories with this knowledgeable outdoorsman.

Good luck Bobby and lets get that three-peat!

Fred Lutger