Indeed, it is time to get with scouting for deer to see what deer are around in 2010. I charged up the 12 volt battery to my game camera and inserted it in the unit. Then I looked around and decided to fasten it to a tree near where I planted a food plot last year.

Here is a close up pic of the unit. This is an old BuckEye Cam game camera. For my money there are two outstanding things about this particular camera.

First, it keeps on working. I’ve used a dozen different brands of cameras and they all were unreliable. If I put a camera out I want to get some pictures, and the BuckEye Cam does that, year after year.

Second, it is WIRELESS. The pictures cam transmit as far away as a quarter mile.

This is the area the camera is observing.

I finished setting things up at a few minutes after 7:30pm.

Soooooo … remember what I said about this being a wireless operation. Lets take a look at that in the next segment.