Firenock Review by Pat Patterson March 17, 2009
Firenock GAH, GAT(GA, AT

If you are in the market for lighted nocks, look no further than Fire Nock. I tried both the Target (AT) and hunting series(GA) nocks and both work as specified. Well probably better… shooting 3D, the target nock is easy to follow and see where you hit, but.. give it just a couple of seconds and it will turn itself off. Which is a great help and hopefully no one shoots at your nock, since they cost a little more than a regular nock. The hunting Series nock(GA) is one of the best I have shot, they turn off and on with ease. I hunted with these this year and in low light they really are easy to follow. After the shot, it’s easy to find your arrow since the nock stays lit until you turn it off… but whatever you do leave it lit. It also doubles as a marker to start your blood trail with.

I used mine this way, after dark, you can easily look back and see which way you have come and just how far you have to go when coming back. This red nock is super bright in the woods after dark. (For more go to: Firenock)

These nocks are easy to install but… please read the instructions and pay careful attention to the spring on the circuit board. Take your time and you will have no problems. Also the nocks were a little tight and string wax was suggested to help with this. This makes the installation much easier but…a little wax goes along way.

Great nocks with a good warranty also, I damaged one (pay attention to the spring) and Dorge sent me a replacement, one failed to light even with a new battery and a new one was sent out to replace it.

Thanks Dorge for a good product.
Pat Patterson
Tallahassee, FL

Want to see where your arrow is going? Put on a Firenock. No questions, you’ll know.

Firenock Review update by Roger Peck, 25th November, 2008
Firenock Extreme Shock End Cap

I’ve shot firenocks for a few months now and must say that I have personally witnessed the quality time and time again. I have been putting them through the test in a lot of ways, and find that even though they LOOK fragile to the naked eye, there is a lot of quality and durability in them.

I have been shooting them at a Morrell Outdoor Range bag target since I got them…even though it states on the package that shooting them into a target, they may suffer damage from the sudden stop of the impact. I found even with that, they hold up well but did have a couple firenocks that did suffer from hits into the bag…have one to totally break the wire connector, and another seemed to “stretch” the wire and made the battery slip forward and lose contact with no way to fix it until…….. Then I spoke with Dorge about the “extreme shock battery end caps” and ordered a couple of packs. I installed them on ALL my arrows that have firenocks and target nocks…even the one with the “stretched wire”.

I have now been shooting THAT ONE repeatedly and it has NEVER failed to light with the EX cap in place. I have hit plywood with field points on arrows quipped with the extreme shock caps, and they are still doing very well. The FIRENOCK is a very high quality lighted nock, but if you are going to practice with them on any kind of target, install the “extreme shock battery end caps”. They add less than 2 grains to total arrow weight and really “save” your lighted nocks. The matched weight practice nocks are great too…but follow directions and super glue them as directed to prevent the weights from “ripping through” the polycarbonate nocks.

Firenock is absolutely the BEST lighted nock I have ever used or even seen! I just want to add this to my previous review of Sept 26, 2008.I found it to be amazing and attests to the quality of FIRENOCK. I killed a small buck the first day of archery season here in Virginia two days ago and had a firenock on the arrow. With the firenock which lit perfectly on the shot, I saw it disappear into the shoulder of the deer. I went to retrieve my arrow and I found the forward part of the shaft only with the broadhead. A small portion of the arrow (about 4 inches maybe) with the firenock and the fletching was missing.

The deer only ran 20 yards before falling and when I went to retrieve him, I found the leg bone on the far side was shattered and ASSUMED that the small part of the arrow was in the deer, having been broken off as the arrow was slowed down by the fletching reaching the bone and the arrow was broken when the deer jumped to get away….or just moved the leg with the busted bone. When I field dressed the deer, the chest cavity was FULL of blood and I found the small part of my arrow was buried in the “blood pool”, and the FIRENOCK was still lit when I pulled the piece of arrow out of the blood. I tapped it on an old log, and it turned off. No blood had seeped in around the nock on the inside of the shaft, Roger Peck
Winchester, VA

For more go to: Firenock