This unique system provides many benefits to the treestand hunter. First, your hoist always stays with your stand while in the tree or while transporting. Plus, you can let out just enough hoist rope to keep your bow or gun off of the ground and out of the snow or dirt while you climb. The hoist is a 30 foot camo rope with a convenient clip added for quick hook-ups. The hoist is sold with the hooks as a system or you can purchase the two separately. The hooks also work well for hanging your pack or rattling antlers.

Cat. No. 2536 Treestand Hook & Hoist System 1/pkg. Retail: $6.95
Cat. No. 2537 Treestand Hooks 2/pkg. Retail: $3.95
Cat. No. 2538 30ft Hoist 30ft/pkg. Retail: $3.95

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