New Spiral Wrap makes Flu-Flu arrows quick and easy for more outdoor archery fun.

Trueflight Feathers is proud to offer this specially prepared, full length feather fletching that wraps around and secures to any arrow shaft.   This enables fast and easy production of traditional ‘Spiral Wrap’ style flu-flu arrows.

This attractive and extremely effective fletching is ideal for shooting aerial targets as well as for short range shooting fun. Remarkably, Trueflight testing has found this flu-flu fletching style to be effective and durable even when shot from fast compound bows and from almost any type arrow rest.

The ‘Specially Prepared’ full length spiral wrap is priced at ½ the cost of regular full length feathers and require only one or two for each arrow.  They are also quick and easy to fletch and are available in all of Trueflight’s standard colors.  For detailed instructions go to: Trueflight ‘Spiral Wrap’

Made in the USA!

For more information and free samples contact: