2010 Discounted Hunts/Remaining Openings

Stick & String Outfitters (SSO) has the following discounted hunts
and remaining openings for 2010.  The hunts include:

  • Hunt 1: Eastern Colorado semi-guided archery trophy whitetail
  • hunt ($2500 for 7 days)
  • Hunt 2: Eastern Colorado 1×1 guided trophy mule deer hunt
  • Hunt 3: Eastern Colorado semi-guided archery antelope hunt
  • (only $550)
  • Hunt 4: Rifle, Colorado guided archery elk hunt ($3500)
  • Hunt 5: Rifle, Colorado unguided  archery elk hunt (only $1500)
  • Hunt 6: Craig, Colorado guided archery elk hunt (discounted
  • $500)
  • Hunt 7: Eastern Colorado guided rifle mule deer/whitetail hunt
Hunt 1: Do-It-Yourself Eastern Colorado Trophy Whitetail Hunt

Chris Green WT 2

Chris Green with his 158-inch gross 2009 whitetail

Many hunters are beginning to realize that eastern Colorado holds

some of the largest whitetail bucks in the country. This is because
genetics are excellent, the vast majority of the land is private, rifle
licenses are very limited, the winters are mild, and there are an
abundance of crops for growing huge racks. Trophy quality is just unbelievable! Mature whitetails generally range from 140-170,  with
the occasional buck grossing over 200!

Our property comprises approximately 35,000 acres on the famed
Arkansas River in southeast Colorado.  Hunting is largely treestands
along the river bottom.  We have exclusive outfitting rights to
approximately 6 miles of the Arkansas River.

Treestands have been placed in most of the prime locations or you

can bring your own stands.  The day before your first hunt day, we
will show you around the property and show you the stands.  Then
you will hunt on your own.

Food and lodging is extra but there is a nearby town with plenty of

accommodations and amenities.

Deer tags are issued on a drawing basis but we do have some

transferrable landowner vouchers available for no additional charge.

The cost of the 7-day semi-guided hunt is only $2500 and we do still

have a few spots available.
The hunt would occur during the rut in November.  We only have a
couple of openings available.
Hunt 2: Eastern Colorado 1×1 Guided Archery Mule Deer Hunt

MD 2005 wide, heavy
On the same 35,000 acre ranch above, we are offering a special 1×1
guided trophy mule deer archery hunt.  Trophy quality is excellent and
you would be the only mule deer hunter on the ranch all season.  Last
year we only had two mule deer hunters and a 190 inch gross buck
was taken.  We only have one landowner voucher available and we
would transfer this to you for no additional cost.  The hunting method
would be mostly be spot and stalking.  Your license is valid for either
a mule deer or whitetail and you can also hunt whitetails from
treestands along the Arkansas River if desired.

The cost of this special 5-day 1×1 hunt is $4500
Food and lodging are extra.

Hunt 3: Eastern Colorado Do-It-Yourself Archery Antelope Hunt

Darren Collins antelope

We offer inexpensive semi-guided archery antelope hunts in eastern Colorado.
We lease approximately 30,000 acres of exclusive private antelope hunting land.
Hunting is mostly from blinds over waterholes
and we have placed blinds at most of the prime waterholes for your
use.  Or you can bring your own popup blind.

Licenses are available over the counter and the season runs from Aug.

15-Sept. 20.

The cost of the 5-day hunt is only $550.
Food and lodging are extra.

Hunt 4: Rifle, Colorado Guided Archery Elk Hunt

Silver spur 350 bull

A huge 350+ bull taken in 2009.
The guided hunts are on exclusive private land and the elk hunting is
excellent.  There are a lot of elk with nice bulls generally ranging from
260 to 350 inches.  Not bad for over the counter Colorado.  Food and
lodging are provided.  Our outfitter has a near 100% shooting
percentage with archery equipment.

There are only a few remaining openings.  There are 2 openings during

the last week of archery.

Hunt price is only $3500 for 5 days 2×1 (food and lodging included)
Licenses are available over the counter.

Hunt 5: Rifle, Colorado Unguided Archery Elk Hunts
Silver Spur archery bull
This same outfitter offers unguided archery elk hunts in the same

general area.  There is private land and difficult accessible National

Forest land.  There are lots of elk and lots of land.

Licenses are available over the counter.  A lodge is provided but you

must bring your own food.  The lodge has beds, a generator, stove,

and hot showers. You can drive right to the camp and then hunt on

foot from there.

There are only a few openings for this hunt.  I will be taking my

16-year old boy on the hunt from Sept. 4-10 and there is room for

2 more hunters.  Feel free to join us.  Other dates may be available.

The hunt cost is only $1500 per person.

Hunt 6: Craig, Colorado Guided Archery Elk Hunts
Matts CO bull
I went on this northwest CO elk hunt last year with several clients

and it was fantastic. I have bowhunted elk for over 25 years and it

was some of the best hunting I’ve experienced. The hunt was on all

family-owned private land in northwest CO. We stayed in a really nice

ranch house on the property but rode into the property (~13,000

acres) every day on horseback to minimize our impact on the elk. Sort

of the best of two worlds – a nice lodge but a horseback hunt. Pretty

cushy hunt because you can generally ride right to where the bulls

are and just a little hiking.

Superior Matt on horseback
The elk population on the ranch is incredible. We were into bugling
bulls every morning and evening. One night there were at least a
dozen different bulls bugling including a real nice 6 point we got within
25 yards of but no shot angle. I shot a 5-point on the last day but
was also chasing a 330 monster. I had 8 clients (and myself) hunt
with the outfitter this year and everyone but one client got shots. I
can highly recommend this outfitter and hunt. Licenses are available
over the counter.

We have a 100% opportunity rate and a 85% success rate with

archery equipment. Guests will see many 5×5 elk and some bigger.

Reduced price:

The hunt is normally $5000 but has been reduced to $4500.  Food

and lodging are included and you will stay at a ranch house and have

home cooked meals.  There are limited openings.  

Hunt 7: Eastern Colorado Rifle Mule Deer and Whitetail Hunts
We also offer a very limited number of rifle hunts during the early
season (Oct. 23-Nov. 2) and the late season (Dec. 1-6).  Because
the rifle hunts occur in October and December, they do not interfere
with our archery hunting.  Also, the number of hunters taken is so
small (2 hunters per ranch per season), there is negligible impact from
rifle hunting.  Rifle success rates are nearly 100% and book up early.

MD super high
WT huge 10 pt


Rifle licenses are issued on a drawing basis but we have two early
season and one late season landowner permits available for no
additional charge.

Hunt Price

Early Rifle Season – 5 days for $5000
Late Rifle Season – 5 days for $5500
Food and lodging are extra.

If you are interested in a hunt, please contact me via

email or phone.

Matt Burrows
Stick & String Outfitters
P.O. Box 441
Pine, CO 80470