Oh boy!!! David Mills called and he has everything set up for a 2010 Alligator Bowhunt for this September.  We’ve been on two of those great hunts and covered them as online bowhunts in Bowhunting.net. (To the 1996 alligator hunt. And to the 1997 alligator hunt.)

This year both Fred Lutger and myself will meet David Mills at his Team Strutn’ Ruttn’ and Reelin’ headquarters near Arcadia, Florida. I will report on our aligator  hunts as they happen.

NOTICE: David Mills has extra Alligator Tags for 2010 —  if you are interested in hunting alligator contact David Mills on his cell at 863-303-4728.

Robert Hoague with Alligator Trapper and Hunter David Mills on the 1996 bowhunting.net alligator bowhunt.

And in case you are wondering what this alligator hunt thing is all about here is, well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our alligator hunt with bows begins on September 12. Updates will be posted here as new information on this upcoming online bowhunt.

And if you want to join us or go on your own alligator hunt give David Mills a call at 863-303-4728.