At 3:30am we hit the road for Ontario Canada and our 2010 bear bowhunt. Even at this early hour the west side Chicago bumper to bumper traffic took over two hours. After that we rolled and arrived in International Falls late afternoon. It took an hour to get through Canadian Customs.

Just before dark we were driving down the bouncy 2-track road to the camp. We unloaded the camp equipment and our gear from Mike’s large trailor. Chef Klaus (Mike Ditchler) made a quick dinner for everyone. After eating it didn’t take any convincing for everyone to hit the hay.

The wearther is unseasonably hot but I didn’t care as I unrolled my sleeping bag onto my bed and laid down on top of it. At daybreak we got up and prepared for a busy first day in the bear woods.

First we had to go into Atikokan to the headquarters of our outfitter Canoe Canaada Oufitters and get our bear hunting paperwork taken care of. Here is a pic from the prominent Canoe Canada sign.

Above: Jeremy Dickson, Frank Verandick, Shane Selman , Fred Lutger, Robert Hoague, Robbie Cramer and Mike Ditschler.