Today we got out on time and were in the blind and ready to hunt at 4:00. In order to get a head start on the hordes of mosquito I started the ThermaCELL in the truck so that when we got to the blind it would be going full bore. It helped a whole lot on the walk to the blind too.

The ThermaCELL, it keeps flying and biting insects off you. If you've never tried one, and live where they are mosquitoes, blackflys, knats or no-seeums this is the ticket. And bears, deer and other game animals are not spooked by its odor. ThermaCELL works.

A little past 7:00 Fred whispered that a bear was in the woods behind the bait logs. When I spotted him I took its picture.

The bear looked the situation over. He was interested in the blind and watched it carefully.

Even though we could not see the bear’s body the distance between its ears and the size of its head showed it to be a big, mature bear. It watched us for about a minute and went back into the woods. We heard it circling us.

And … it’s time for Fred to tell us in his own words how this all came down. GO…