Bowcast at the Bird 2010 Recap

Once again this year, Bowcast ( hosted a 3D shooting event in Snowbird, Utah. They call the event Bowcast at the Bird and it is held in the high country skiing area at the Snowbird Resort. Basically, you ride the ski lift up and you can then shoot 4 different courses at the top. Being in the high country of Utah, this isn’t your regular 3D shoot. There is plenty of challenging shots, that even the best archer can have problems with. The “Bird” isn’t meant to be very competitive, it is more for everyone to come with their family and friends and just have a good time. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any competitive spirits though!

My second 12 of the day!

Personally, this was my first 3D archery shoot ever! I didn’t really know what to expect except to be able to shoot from at least 60 yards out! I did my best with each shot and target and focused on learning from the guys I was shooting with. I was lucky enough to shoot the elite course a couple different times with great groups of guys that helped me adjust to shooting in the steep, mountainous, terrain.

The beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah

If you are an avid archer or bowhunter of any age I strongly suggest that you take a look ahead and plan to come to Bowcast at the Bird next year. It is a great event, with great people and you have chances at prizes also. Overall, the camaraderie of the people at the “Bird” was the best part and I will remember it forever.

Having a great time in the high country! (Photo by Trevon Stoltzfus)

Thanks to everyone who was involved with putting this event together!

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