This year’s bowhunt for Ontario black bear begins August 15. Our host is Canoe Canada Outfitters headquartered in Atikokan, Ontario. Our Guide is Fred Lutger and he and Canoe Canada’s Bud Dickson have worked together for over 25 years to bring bear hunters to Ontario.

Fred knows bowhunting and how to set up to get his hunters in bow range so they can harvest their bear. The camp’s success rate is nearly 100%.

On Tuesday, August 10 I pick up my hunting bud Robbie Cramer and we start our drive to Freddie Bear Sports (Fred Lutger’s store of 30 years) in Tinley Park, Illinois. Early on the 12th Fred, Mike Ditchler (Chef Klaus) and Robbie and I shove off for Ontario. We will be there that night.

And this bear hunt, like the ones I’ve attended in previous years will be covered on