The Trail Camera in Place

2 weeks ago my dad and I put a trail camera in a bean field we have permission to bowhunt in Central Minnesota. The week before, we had driven around a few nights before dark, checking different areas that we could see from the road and I got some video of bucks in this area. The bucks were pretty decent size from what we could see, even far off. So we were excited to see what kind of pictures would show up on the trail cam!

Photo Taken from Video Footage

Dad headed back to the truck after putting out some Mineral

We like to wait about 3 days before going back out to the field to check the camera. We also try to make sure we put the camera in an area that is likely to have deer in it but is also easily accessible for us. It is very important to make sure you do not bring your scent into the area, so we also shower and wear rubber, knee high boots, when checking the camera.

We also do what we can to get position the camera at a good angle and put mineral in front of it. Heartland Wildlife Institute makes a great mineral lick and block to attract the deer and more importantly, increase deer nutrition and antler growth. It also helps if you place the camera in a food source close to the deer’s bedding area.

The Result

We waited 3 days and dad went and changed out the batteries and SD card. I would recommend doing this all at one time, so that you don’t track into the feeding area twice. To help this process we have 2 sets of batteries charged at all times and 2 SD cards.

Our first trail camera check brought some great results and has us excited for bowhunting season to start in Minnesota, on September 18th. Here is one picture from the camera, click here to view all of them!

Bachelor Group of Bucks