Spinning Inserts from Ethics Archery increase penetration but they are decreasing  prices on their amazing insert for Gold Tip and Carbon Express arrows.

Ethics Archery has announced new pricing on their revolutionary Spinning Insert. With recent changes in the manufacturing process, Ethics has been able to ensure the highest in quality control, while decreasing production costs.

This has resulted in great news for the bowhunter, as Ethics Archery has lowered the price on the penetration increasing Spinning Insert. The new lower prices are available on both the GoldTip and Carbon Express inserts, and are as follows:

  • 3 Pack is now only $5.00
  • 6 pack is now only $10.00
  • 12 pack is now only $18.00

To get more information on the benefits of the Spinning Insert, and take advantage of the new pricing, please visit our website at