Whether it’s fletching arrows or any job or hobby that requires the repetitive use of a bottle of glue, it can be an aggravation when the glue constantly flows from the tip, back into the bottle when set down between uses. This slows the process and makes it more cumbersome. When this happens the glue has to be squeezed back into the spout before using. Time consuming at best – irritating at worst. But GOAT TUFF Products, world renown for its best selling glues, arrow making products and new Opti-Vane™ has the solution – the GOAT TUFF ‘Glue Stand’.

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith had this to say, “For those who fletch arrows or have repetitive glue applications it’s always been a problem of having to set the glue bottle down after applying the glue to the fletching and setting it into the jig. Once the bottle is set down the glue drains out of the tip so when you are ready to use again you have to wait for the flow to move back into the tip. The new ‘Glue Stand’ fixes this problem by holding the bottle with the tip at the optimal angle so the glue is always in the tip and ready to use.”

The new ‘Glue Stand’ is pre-cut from stainless steel. The user then easily bends the arm into the preferred position for use. It is also easily cleaned, will never rust or corrode for many years of use.

For all your fletching needs - Goat Tuff Glues

Goat Tuff Glues - For All Your Gluing Needs.

New Opti-Vane for the Ultimate in arrow flight performance

GOAT TUFF Products also offers the new Opti-Vane along with a full line of cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker.

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