The Southern National Archery Festival featured an Archery Shooting Midway with a variety of events and targets for all ages. Here are pics of a few.

Poping baloons is always a hit with kids.

Some of the 3-D buck targets.

Below is a look at a portion of the 3-D Range set up in a wooded area.

Early in the afternoon there was an opportunity to meet the famous football hero and bowhunter Earl Campbell. Earl signed autographs and gave a talk. Then Frank Addington Jr. gave him the new Hoyt top of the line Carbon Matrix compound bow.

Football great Earl Campbell receives the Hoyt Carbon Matrix from Frank Addington.

Next Frank gave his archery exhibition “Have Bow Will Travel” show. This was the second show at the festival for Frank.

Frank began by shooting bloons that were launched into the air.

The grand finale of Frank's show is shooting a Baby Aspiren out of the air. Here the thrower is prepared to toss the aspirin into the air.

And, right here, Frank tags the tiny baby aspirin in mid air.

Coming next: The Shoot Off for the $32,000 Grand Prize.