I drove to Freddie Bear Sports in Tinley Park, Illinois so Fred Lutger and I could get our alligator bowhunting gear all together. We both received Muzzy Gator Getting Kits from Muzzy Products. Inside these boxes are the goodies we need to tangle with Florida alligators.

Fred Lutger and Robert Hoague with the Muzzy Gator Getter Kits.

Three of us are going on this gator hunt, Fred, myself and Chef Klaus (Mike Ditschler). We fly out on Sunday afternoon to Fort Myers, Florida. For this gator bowhunt the three of us will meet David Mills and go to his Team Strutn’ Ruttn’ and Reelin’ headquarters near Arcadia, Florida. I will report on our aligator hunts as they happen.

2115 NE Hwy 70
Arcadia FL  34266
Phone: 1-863-303-4726
Contact by Email

Just for grins here is a picture from my 2006 alligator bowhunt with David Mills.