Altus Brands, LLC maker of high-tech leader Pro-Ears, Rifleman and Woodland Whisper hearing protection/amplification products steps up to the plate with their newest innovation- ‘Incredible Hear’.

EVP Charlie Ricci made the announcement, “Incredible Hear, a Woodland Whisper branded product, is an easy to wear, compact, adjustable, comfortable hearing amplification product that will enable the wearer to hear sounds up to 100’ away. It features a convenient clip-on microphone and comfortable earbuds that fit snuggly in the ear allowing the user to wear a hat, cap or hood in the cold weather.  Now you can keep your ears warm in colder weather and still be able to hear long distances while hiking, hunting, shooting or performing other outdoor activities.”

In cold temps Incredible Hear can be comfortably worn under a cap to keep your ears warm.

New Woodland Whisper ‘Incredible Hear™’

  • Clip-On microphone amplifies all sounds up to 100’ away
  • Soft, long wear earbuds comfortably fit under the a hat or cap
  • Keeps your ears warm, while allowing you to hear distant sounds
  • Small in ear units will not hamper activities
  • Volume controls allow for sound adjustments
  • Another innovation from Woodland Whisper
  • MSRP $14.99

Altus Brands, LLC also owns Pro Ears electronic and passive hearing protection/amplification products, BenchMaster Rifle Rests, Rifleman HP, Crossfire Slings, Bughat, Woodland Whisper and American Bison Leather.

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