I recently got a new Barnett Wildcat C5 Compound Crossbow, with a 4X32 Barnett scope. I immediately decided to get it sighted in and put it through some shooting tests. Let me tell you the results were amazing. This is one fine hunting weapon.

The crossbow has a 150 pound draw weight, shoots at 320 feet per second and packs 114 pounds of energy in each shot. The crossbow weighs 5.9 pounds at a length of 35 inches and width of 26.75 inches, so it will be easy to hunt with. The cross bow shoots 20 inch arrows with amazing authority.

The new Barnett C5 compound crossbow comes with a great camo pattern and is ready to hunt!

I started shooting at 15 yards and ended up at 50 yards. This crossbow can really shoot. Not too long into my shoot, my family members all joined me on the back porch to shoot this new weapon. By the end of the evening the entire family shared my excitement about its shooting ability.

The whole family had a great time shooting the Barnett C5 crossbow.

The Barnett C5 is perfect for my entire family. My wife, girls and boy can all load the crossbow with ease and we had a blast shooting it on the range. My boy and I have loved bowhunting for years, but with this crossbow it will allow my entire family to share in the fun at a very economical price, as the entire family can use the same crossbow. My girls have started showing an interest in bowhunting over the last year or so, and now with the new C5 they can all share in this great sport.

Ashley hits her mark as she prepares to go after tough Texas hogs with our new C5 Barnett crossbow.

The razzing has already started about who will get the first deer and largest hog with the new crossbow. I cannot wait to get it in the field and see how it performs against wild game.

Stay tuned as my entire family will put it to the test against tough Texas Russian boars and feral hogs in early fall and deer and turkey when the season opens up.