Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member Mike Magrew

Q: How important is pre-season scouting?

A: Very important. It tells me when, where, and how the deer are moving, especially when I want to take a mature buck.

Q: How do you go about scouting in the early season before the bucks are making scrapes?

A: I utilize game cameras and glassing when possible. When I do venture into the deer woods, I make sure to use scent control.

Q: Do you prefer hunting in the woods or along agricultural fields?

A: Each scenario will determine where I am going to hunt. The best case would be able to hunt a natural funnel between where the deer are feeding and where they are bedding.

Q: How high should hunters hang their treestand?

A: Only as high as they are comfortable hunting. Personally, I like to be around 20 feet. I think it gets me up near the foliage line on most trees and helps carry my scent a little bit further from where I am.

Q: Can you have success hunting from the ground?

A: Yes but as always, scent control is vital. When using a pop-up type blind, I always brush it in. It has to look natural.

Q: Are doe or buck decoys effective?

A: Very. I have had great success using a buck decoy during the pre-rut. Again, scent control will need to be address on everything – you, the decoy, and I pay special attention to the where I walk between my decoy setup and hunting stand.

Q: Is scent control important when hunting from a treestand?

A: Scent control is vital any time you step into the deer woods, even for checking cameras and scouting. I always address this issue.

Q: What calls do you carry?

A: A couple different grunt calls, doe bleat and rattling antlers during the pre-rut.

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