The Woodland Whisper ITE AC is an in the ear (ITE) hearing enhancement device with Audio Compression. This in-the-ear unit is concealed within the ear canal and offers sound compression technology to block out loud sounds (such as a muzzle blast) while still enhancing the distant sounds you want to hear with increased range and clarity.  They can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications and the Woodland Whisper ITE AC can increase your hearing range up to 100 feet.  They are light weight, compact and offer variable volume control.  Woodland Whisper ITE AC includes two hearing amplifiers, allowing the user to more accurately pinpoint direction and distance of noises.

I’ll be taking a closer look at the Woodland Whisper ITE AC system in this evaluation.

The Woodland Whisper hearing enhancement system from Cass Creek

Initial Inspection:

The package from Cass Creek included two Woodland Whisper ear pieces, four extra batteries, three different sized rubber ear tips and a carry pouch.  All components were of sound quality and in good working condition out of the package.

Compact size fits nicely in the ear

Learning to use the Woodland Whispers was simple using the instructions included in the package…install a battery into each ear piece, select the proper size ear tips for my ears, and firmly place a unit into each ear.  There are two adjustments that can be made on the ear pieces: tone control and volume control.  You have to use a very small slotted screwdriver to adjust the tone quality from low to high, which allows for individual hearing needs based upon frequency.  Once I adjusted the tone quality and volume to my liking, I was ready to give them a try at home and in the woods.


Testing the Woodland Whisper ITE AC hearing system required only basic functionality evaluation.  I have hearing loss in both ears at certain higher frequencies.  Enough so, that I have difficulty hearing my oldest daughter when she speaks to me (it doesn’t help that she is very soft-spoken).  So my first test was to use the ear pieces to see if I could hear my oldest daughter better when she spoke.  I should mention that the Woodland Whisper products are not medical devices, nor intended to take the place of hearing aids required for those with substantial hearing loss.  These devices are meant to be used to enhance sounds in nature during hunting and observation situations, while also blocking out loud noises such as muzzle blasts while shooting.  I can tell you that the Woodland Whispers enabled me to hear my daughter with a much greater degree of comprehension and without the normal frustration of not understanding her!

Moving on to the real test…in the woods.  I was setting up one of my treestands for the upcoming bowhunting season in PA, and brought the Whisper ITE ear pieces with me.  After setting up my stand, I put the Whispers in each ear and turned them on to see how they perform.  It was a moderately breezy day during my evaluation, and I noticed right away that the Whispers enhanced all sounds, including the wind.  So I turned the volume down a bit, which improved my ability to hear sounds other than the wind.  I could hear a great deal farther than I normally would, including the sounds of a squirrel gathering some newly fallen acorns a good distance away.

I never saw nor heard any deer during my evaluation that day, but I am sure that I could hear a stick breaking from a greater distance than without the Whisper ear pieces.  I enjoyed just sitting in my treestand listening to the sounds of nature, and I was impressed with my enhanced ability to hear more sounds and from farther distances.  One further note, I found the ear pieces to be comfortable in the ear.  I could wear them for extended periods of time without any discomfort.

Finally, I took the Whisper ITEs to the shooting range to test them for the Audio Compression feature, which shuts out loud noises such as a gun muzzle blast.  Simple test…insert the ear pieces and fire my .50 caliber inline muzzleloader (one of the louder guns I shoot).  I was sure to insert the ear pieces firmly into my ear canals to ensure that sound would not travel past the ear tips.  The Woodland Whispers performed as advertised, shutting off during the muzzle blast of my rifle, and resuming sound enhancement immediately after the sound of the shot.

Conclusion – The Woodland Whisper works as advertised to enable you to hear further and hear more during your hunting and scouting expeditions.  They also shut down instantly when a loud sound, such as a muzzle blast, is made nearby.  On the down side, during windy conditions they will amplify wind noise as it goes past the two ear pieces.

Specifications as Tested:

  • Battery Life:  120-180 working hours
  • Weight:  2.8 grams including battery
  • Main body material:  plastic with rubber ear inserts
  • Retail Price:   $29.99

Pros:  compact, light weight, affordable hearing enhancement with audio compression

Cons: volume and tone adjustments are difficult to make in the field (need long fingernails or a very small screwdriver)

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