Sure enough, in the morning there were water puddles in the food plot area. We got right back to it.

This time Perry Wicker strapped a heavy iron bar to the top of the plow. Helped out by the rain, the plow dug right into the ground.

This plow is an old one but it’s a doozy. I found it behind of my old barns, all rusted up. But Perry worked on it, cleaned it up, welded on it some, and it is a great plow. It digs in and when it finishes the ground is nice and neat.

Yesterday the ground was so hard it took two hours to get the ground worked up on  the top only. Today, with wet soil Perry was done in no time.

I poured a small bag of Heartland’s Rack Maker in a 5 gallon bucket.

I broadcast the seed and then poured a large bag of Heartland’s Hi Pro Forage in the bucket.

Then I broadcast the Hi Pro Forage all around the soon to be food plot.

After that Perry ran the iron bar around the plowed and seeded area to get topsoil over the seeds. Wouldn’t ya know, that very afternoon a doe was in the food plot scarfing up some of those seeds.

It rained all the rest of the week. This had to be good for the start of the food plot.


My seed mixes of choice this year are Hi Pro Forage from Heartland Wildlife Institute, a mixture that produces a lot of high protein biomass that is great for areas with lots of deer, which is our area. Also I am using Heartland’s Rack Maker a perennial alfalfa based mix perfect for sandy soils. Very high in protein for bigger antlers and healthier deer. This mix is heat tolerant as well as winter hardy and will grow almost everywhere in the U.S.