Two days is all it took to have Heartland Wildlife’s seed mix popping green plants up through the soil. It drew deer right away.

This is a look at the Hi Pro Forage seed in the first stage of growth.

From a distance it looked like this.

When the Heartland Rack Maker took off the plot greened in with alfalfa and a grain that came in the bag with the Hi Pro Forage. They filled out the plot quickly and by the third week of July it looked like this.

The clover and other Hi Pro plants were growing all down through the alfalfa and grassy looking grain  plants. Deer loved the food plot.

One of the things I learned years ago about food plots is that if they are in the right place they are much more than a place for deer to eat. Food plots are, pardon the internet term, a social meeting place. Yep, a deer reality show where deer begin and end their day. And it quickly becomes kind of like a dating web site for deer, where the bucks can keep their presence up with the local does and just as importantly the other bucks.

Everything was all good with my main food plot … until July 26.


My seed mixes of choice this year are Hi Pro Forage from Heartland Wildlife Institute, a mixture that produces a lot of high protein biomass that is great for areas with lots of deer, which is our area. Also I am using Rack Maker a perennial alfalfa based mix perfect for sandy soils. Very high in protein for bigger antlers and healthier deer. This mix is heat tolerant as well as winter hardy and will grow almost everywhere in the U.S.