Back to the world of bowhunting Florida Alligators. This is the short version so we can get to the night part of our first days hunt.

David concentrated on driving the levies along the series of channels in this part of the farm. We drove over half an hour before we saw the first gator. It was in far corner of a channel. David stopped the truck and we put a careful sneak on the gator. Once we were above the gator’s corner David looked for the gator and pointed it out to Chef Klaus.

Not wanting to be seen, they carefully eased up near the edge of the levee.  Now the gator was a few inches below the surface of the water.

Chef took his shot.  The 600 pound Muzzy gator cord hit the water behind the gator arrow. It looked good.

Time stood still as we waited for the gator cord to run out of the reel.

It didn’t. We moved on.

A few channels later we glassed another gator and got out of the truck and covered ground until we were across from where we’d seen the alligator.

Cover was sparse on this levee so Chef made his stalk very slowly and deliberately. When he was in position he cautiously eased Joe’s bow back to full draw.

He aimed, making certain his pin was on the gator. When everything was right he touched his release trigger and made his shot.

The gator chord shot out like lightening. The gator swirled. And we watched for the chord to start going out of the reel. It didn’t.

We moved on.

Later in the afternoon, when we saw another gator we stopped again and got out.

Joe Porto put his hand to his mouth and made some soft gator calls. The gator was interested and glided through the water over to where Chef was waiting.

When the gator was was close to the water’s edge and Chef had a clear shot at him in some tall reeds he drew and shot. Once again the arrow was low.

We moved on.

Dusk came soon and then it was dark. We flashlighted up and kept hunting gators.


  • We are bowhunting Florida Alligators at Williams Wildlife Preserve. For info contact David Mills at 863-303-4726. Visit David on the web at

  • This alligator bowhunt is sponsored by MUZZY Bowfishing Equipment. We received Muzzy Gator Getter Kits with gator arrows, bowfishing reels and line, floats and other necessities. Visit them on the web at