Fred connects on a gator and alligator hell breaks loose. And Fred and Mike get to see what a gator’s snapping jaws look like from inches away.

Our nighttime airboat gator hunt was more like my previous hunts in past years. Joe, David and Marty kept their spotlights in motion in an unceasing search for alligator eyes. The ones that we tried to get up on proved to be too small or else gave us the slip.

Until 10:30.

Marty bailed out of the boat again and came up with another alligator. Then, as before, he let it go.

Marty snatched another alligator from the swamp waters and holds it up.

At 11:23 our airboats were slow crawling along 60 yards apart. When the other boat shut off and stopped we knew something was up.

Fred stood up at the front of the airboat and drew his bow as David and Marty shined their lights on the reeds. When Fred released his arrow the reeds shook wildly. This gator hunt was coming together now.

Joe promptly piloted his airboat over to them and we added our flashlights to the mix. And here is this gator hunt in Fred Lutger’s own words. GO TO FRED’S HUNT…

  • We are bowhunting Florida Alligators at Williams Wildlife Preserve near Arcadia, Florida. For information contact David Mills at 863-303-4726. Visit David on the web at

  • This alligator bowhunt is sponsored by MUZZY Bowfishing Equipment. We received Muzzy Gator Getter Kits with gator arrows, bowfishing reels and line, floats and other necessities. Visit them on the web at