Hot Trails Owner Bill Moore: “Over the last 20 years I could not tell you how many people have asked me to come up with a curiosity scent for whitetail deer.”

“I thought about it long and hard but I didn’t want to offer the hunting public just another common place variety scent that all other scent manufacturers were offering. It took me several years of compiling, researching and testing, but I am proud to announce the new Hot Trails Curiosity Scent in a Scented Candle that smells like nothing else on the market. This new curiosity scent will definitely get deer interested and bring them in for early season success.”

Moore continued by adding this one disclaimer: “Using Hot Trails® New Curiosity Scent will work fantastic for deer hunting but the enticing scent may bring on an onslaught of Feral Hogs. Caution is advised.”

Hot Trails Scented Candles were developed to allow the hunter to put heated scent/lure which rises, into the air currents by burning the scented candle. This allows the scent to be dispersed by the air flow taking it farther into the hunting area unlike normal scent products which are placed at ground level.

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