By the time a whitetail buck reaches trophy potential he’s heard all the calls and smelled all the attractant scents that most deer hunters can throw at him.

Hunter’s Specialties® has added a line of SPECIAL RESERVE™ Deer Urines to its line of scents to fool even the wariest bucks.

SPECIAL RESERVE is not a blend of urines from a number of different deer. They are collected from a single individual deer, bottled fresh and vapor lock sealed within 24 hours to preserve freshness.

SPECIAL RESERVE Deer Urine is available in doe, doe estrus and buck versions for discriminating hunters who only want the very best available. It is highly effective when used with Hunter’s Specialties ScentWicks®, Retract-A-Drag®, or Scent Drags to lure bucks in for a shot.

SPECIAL RESERVE Deer Urines come in a 1.5 Oz. bottle and sell for a suggested retail price of $17.95.

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