Rut Fuel And Acorn Crush

From: Kimi Herndon – Hunter Outdoor Communications

If you’re searching for the total attraction power that brings deer to your stand and keeps them there, while maintaining the overall health of your herd, look no further than Rack One’s Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush. Part of the IGNITE whitetail hunting system’s Hunt Phase, Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush are two powerful hunting-season formulas that are irresistible to whitetail deer, and they’ll work for you in both managing your herd and bringing the monster bucks out of their reclusive holes.

Rut Fuel is one part of the IGNITE Hunt Phase. This granulated formula is an extremely powerful attractant with an aroma that draws deer in from all around. Pushing a protein content of 23 percent and a minimum fat content of nine percent, the deer will be on Rut Fuel like a hobo on a ham sandwich. And those younger deer you don’t harvest this year will make it through the tough rutting season and hard winter to emerge as extraordinary specimens in your herd for next year. Rut Fuel is a time-tested blend of a whitetail’s favorite ingredients combined with a burst of flavor that they cannot resist. Rut Fuel can be dropped directly on the ground, or it can be mixed into your supplemental nutrition in either a broadcast feeder or a trough feeder. Whichever way you choose to use it, the deer will certainly devour it—even if it gets wet and crusts over. So what’s that mean to you? Break out the fine china and heat up the grill, baby; we’re having some tenderloin tonight!

The other part of Hunt Phase is Acorn Crush. Everybody knows that deer love acorns. After a year of feeding on whatever they can chew, deer go mad when they find a buffet of fallen acorns on the forest floor. And now with Acorn Crush, you can recreate the madness of an acorn feeding frenzy wherever you want on your hunting property, even if the nearest oak tree is miles away. Acorn Crush is a scientifically proven premium whitetail attractant that is jam-packed with the acorn goodness that deer crave as well as superb nutritional values that they need. Acorn Crush provides an amazing protein level of 26 percent while offering a fat content of 10 percent that will ensure that the deer you don’t take this year will be in their best possible shape going into a hard winter. After all, a healthy doe is more likely to survive the winter and drop healthy twins that will amplify your herd. No matter how you use it, with Acorn Crush, the deer on your property will be fighting for a place under your stand.

Rack One’s Rut Fuel And Acorn Crush - Your Whitetails Won’t Be Able To Resist The Hunt Phase

Ignite your Hunting Phase with Acorn Crush or Rut Fuel now! To purchase Acorn Crush, Rut Fuel or any other phase of the Rack 1 Ignite Whitetail System visit today. Remember, success in this business is measured in inches. Don’t come up short.

Rack One’s IGNITE whitetail hunting system is comprised of four phases and five products. In the Hunt phase, Rut Fuel and Acorn Crush are the premium attractants that bring the deer to the foot of your stand. In the Condition phase, Overload is the post-season calorie-consumption feed that helps your bucks recover from the strenuous schedule of fighting, chasing and breeding. In the Grow phase, Xcellerator is packed with minerals and nutrients that promote herd health and maximizes antler growth. In the Scout phase, Chaos is specifically formulated to drag those elusive Booners right in front of your trail cams. Like the products themselves, strong branding and distinctive packaging distinguish Rack One from its competition.

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