Third Update – 1:35pm On Saturday, Sept 4

The “Aspirin Buster” Frank Addington interviews from the Festival on September 3 and 4th. There are shoots galore, free BBQ, archery, bowhunting gear, music concerts and Earl Campbell Tailgate Party..

BBQ Competition – Meet Redneck Cooker and Drunken Brisket

Jason Hidalgo and Jeff Wyatt are the cooking masters.  They are giving away hundreds of pounds of BBQ at the Festival. Check this out. (Video)

Bob Sarrels tells us about his traditional shooting event and the Sarrels Archery bows he makes.Bob tells us about his traditional shooting event and the Sarrels Archery bows he makes. (Video)

Jerry Broyles with his Archery Midway

Jerry Broyles takes his Archery Midway all over the country for Bass Pro Shop and other archery events. We’re talking running targets, 3-D, Spinning Gobblers and lots more. Andyou can win some good money too.

MichaelBraden 0n the World Series of Archery

Professional Archer Michael Braden tells us about the new World Series of Archery competition and shows us the unique WSOA target.

Friday Night Concert – Tanya Tucker and Steve Warner

Tanya Tucker performing live at the evening concert. She sounds good on her records but OMG is her voice great in person.

Grayson Tucker performing at the festival concert on Friday night. He rocked out with his own songs. Good. Real good.

This morning Frank and I met Grayson Tucker at our hotel. Grayson and Frank met at one of Addington's shows in CA. Grayson is a singer songwriter and a guitar player. He performs with Tanya Tucker's band.

We ate lunch at Papadeaux. I got, of course, alligator and sausage gumbo. Good stuff.

Second Update – 11:35 on Friday, Sept 3

Frank Addington and I are on the way to the Southern NationalArchery Festival. If you are in the area be sure to come over. There are great prizes, including lots of money, and anyone can win.  So you stand a good chance of winning even if you  are the worst shooter in the place. See ya there. For info & directions:

First Update – 10:32pm on Thursday, Sept 2

I arrived at in Austin late afternoon and met Frank Addington, Jr. at the Crowne Royal Hotel. After checking into my room Frank and I drove out to the Travis County Expo Center (7311 Decker Lane) where the Southern National Archery Festival is taking place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We met the events originators Dennis Sissell and Dennis Minks at the big Expo center. They were both good guys and we visited. This is the set up night before the big event begins, although there were people shooting on the range this afternoon. Understandably, they were very busy, people regularly came up and asked questions or reported in.

Meet Dennis Sissell. He is obviously quite a character and no doubt a guy who knows how to have fun.

On the right is Dennis Minks. He too is, obviously, a fun guy. He and Dennis are spearheading this big archery event and expo.

After meeting and visiting with Dennis and Dennis there wasn’t anything else for Frank and I to do. So we drove over to I-35 and ate dinner at Papasitas. If you’ve ever been to one of these mexican restaurants you know the food is super.

And just for grins here is a pic of Frank Addington Jr. and me at Papasitas.

When I saw quail on the menu I shut it and ordered the quail. Good stuff.

Friday look for pics and updates from the festival. More about the