By: Chuck Paddock

As every hunter knows the anticipation of opening day is tough to compete with. Opening day for what? Well, for some of us it’s a fall morning in September and opening day for whitetail, for others it’s a spring morning in April and season opener of spring gobbler while for others it’s getting close enough to a bull elk to smell the grass on his breath. Regardless of your affliction the pro-staff at Open Season TV shares your excitement.

In the eastern states, whitetail season is almost here. It’s time for one final look at the trail cameras, final decisions on which stand to hunt, and then hoping that 150 inch whitetail is still on his summer feeding pattern. Like most dedicated hunters, we put hours in the stands and blinds doing what we love so when you can’t be out there in the field, you can watch an exciting hunt at home on the Pursuit channel (Direct TV 608).

2010 has been an amazing season for us at Open Season. We’ve been fortunate enough to hunt across the country, taking black bear, big ole’ whitetails, bull elk, mullies and antelope with our bows and its still SEPTEMBER!!! Here are a few highlights of hunts that have taken place so far in 2010. A father son team was hunting elk in Wyoming where our youngster connected with an awesome 6×6 bull at just over 12 yards. They had spent several days trying to get within range of this bull, but just could not seal the deal. Their persistence paid off and he took a mature bull with a bow, father by his side, what an amazing hunt! An Indiana pro-staff team was hunting in Colorado where they laid the hammer down on really nice full velvet mule deer.

These guys fought some tough conditions, putting on several stalks before they were both able to smoke trophy animals. In a last minute hunt in the north east, we had a pro-staffer harvest an absolute giant black bear. Maine is known for to have some large black bear, and this one will assure they continue to be known for it.

The best part is every hunt on Open Season is a fair chase hunt. That means you and your hunting buddies see it just like we see it and can do it just like we do. We’ll show you the hits, the misses, but most importantly just how much fun we are having every time we are in the woods. Open Season is on Wednesday nights at 11:30pm (EST) and again Friday evening at 6:30pm (EST) on the Pursuit channel (Direct TV 608). So, sit back and get ready for some fast paced big game slaying with the guys and gals from Open Season!