Since I started bowhunting back in the 1960’s, there have been many encouraging changes to our sport. One thing that has significantly changed is the method in which we scout. The invention of the game camera has been one of the coolest creations to help with the way we survey and game mange our hunting property.

In terms of managing your wildlife, game cameras can give a precise count of the critters that are frequenting your hunting region. You can take it a step further and also get an accurate buck to doe ratio count, fawn count, and the list goes on and on what you can accomplish with the game camera. Another thing that can also be an attribute is, utilizing your camera to tell you the quality of bucks you have.

Last year preceding the opening of the Texas archery season, my son and I sat down and analyzed hundreds of pictures of various bucks to see which of them might be harvestable and which ones we would let walk. We essentially sat down and aged and scored various bucks. This is absolutely huge in enabling your buck deer to reach their maximum potential. It is also fun and adds an additional dimension to the hunt process.

There are many different cameras on the market and making a decision which one to use can be very perplexing. The cameras that I opt to use are made by Moultrie. What I like about this particular company is that they offer many different types of cameras, predicated off what the hunter’s wants, needs and budget. Moultrie’s most economical models are the D-50, D-55, and the D-55IR.

Rich shows us the economical Moultrie I35.

All 3 of these cameras are priced from approximately $120. down to $99. These cameras are loaded with many features. All three are 5.0 megapixels which equates to clear pictures. The D-50 and D-55 are White flash cameras and the D-55IR is an Infrared. (No flash) All of these cameras are simple to use.

For the hunter that wishes to take their scouting to a completely different level, there is the Game Spy Game Management System.

Rich with the Moultrie Game Spy I-65

Here is how it works. There are three devices that you will need with this system, the game camera, the cellular accessory, and the Moultrie Game Management web site. There are a few cameras that are GameSpy Game Management compatible. They are the M-65, M-45, M-65, I-65S and the most economical is the I-35. Set your GameSpy Game Management compatible camera up in one of your hunting spots.

Rick connecting the GPS unit to the Moultrie camera. Also notice the solar panel off to the right. The solar panel keeps the batteries charged.

Link it to your GPS unit which will automatically upload the pictures. You can be anywhere that has computer access and view your pictures. How simple is that? I live an hour from my ranch and can’t always travel out and check my cameras. Now I can upload the pictures on my computer and see what is going on at my favorite hunting sites. Also what is beneficial with this system is that I am not going in and out of hunting areas and leaving scent and letting every deer in the area know I was there. Think about the money saved on gas. Moultrie has various plans to fit everyone’s budget. Go to and see the various payment plans.

As I mentioned earlier our sport has evolved over the years. Most the changes have been very positive. Get a game camera if you do not have one. It will change the way you hunt and give you a good insight on what is going on when you are not at your hunting site. Always stay positive and promote the sport of bowhunting in an upbeat manner.

Safe hunting,

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