ScenTote, the leader in odor-eliminating storage containers is proud to introduce the new ScenTote Day Pack, designed to help hunters keep their gear odor free and organized. With over 1,000 cubic inches of storage space, the Day Pack has plenty of room to store extra clothes, game calls, lunch and a variety of other gear hunters brings into the field. The Day Pack has one large compartment for storing larger items and clothes, a large internal pocket, a large front pocket which is the perfect size for gloves or a sandwich and a small side pocket.

In addition to these features, the day pack comes with a water bottle compartment and free water bottle.

ScenTote's new Day Pack utilizes their patented activated carbon web.

At the heart of the ScenTote Day Pack is ScenTote’s patented activated carbon web. Inside the large compartment, the carbon web releases activated carbon granules and adsorbs foreign odors. Coupled with the scentproof zipper, the Day Pack keeps foreign odors out of the bag while the activated carbon web ensures the contents of the bag remain scent free.

The ScenTote Day Pack is functional and comfortable. The mesh shoulder straps are lightweight and durable. The padded backing creates a comfortable fit so after a long day in the field, hunters’ backs won’t ache.

The Day Pack comes with a chest strap that helps distribute the load of the pack evenly and keeps the pressure off the hunters’ shoulders. “Serious deer hunters are always looking for a way to keep their favorite hunting gear odor free when they bring it into the field,” Scott Strong, Vice President of ScenTote said. “With the ScenTote Day Pack, hunters can keep their gear organized, close at hand and scent-free so when a buck comes within bow range, the last things he will smell are smelly clothes and your candy bar wrapper.”

The ScenTote Day Pack is available in Next G-1 camouflage and rounds out a complete line of odor-eliminating products offered by ScenTote. All of their products feature ScenTote’s R3 technology that helps keep the gear inside the ScenTote product scent free. R3 Technology means the carbon web Releases carbon granules, it can be Recharged in a clothes dryer, and it can be Reused. For more information go to: ScenTote Products
ScenTote virtually eliminates odor and substantially reduces the chance of being detected.